Delray Local Creates Nonprofit To Help Those With Post-Concussion Syndrome


By: Shaina Wizov Contributing Writer

It’s not every day that a local fitness center’s Director of Group Exercise decides to start his own nonprofit organization; but after years and years of struggling down his own dark path and finally finding relief, Ohio native and Delray Beach resident, Bill Dorton, knew this was his calling.

He founded Head Injury Treatment Corp (H.I.T. Corp) in September and is dedicated to helping improve the quality of life for those who suffer from Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS).

Dorton had a successful sports career in both football and track, but it wasn’t an easy road. His involvement in these contact sports sustained him with multiple head injuries throughout his youth, preventing him from continuing to play football in college.

Dorton spent years in the dark, suffering from the pain of his concussions, often referred to as the “invisible injury,” and has experienced firsthand how much it can control a person’s life. It was only recently that he found himself surrounded by medical professionals who were able to get to the root of the problem, and treat his actual injury rather than other doctors who just focused on treating the surface symptoms.

Thanks to his experience with Plasticity Brain Centers, located in Orlando, Dorton can think clearly and focus again, and no longer suffers from constant confusion and discomfort. Now that he knows what it’s like to live a life of normalcy again, he wants to bring this feeling to others who are currently suffering the way he did for so long.

H.I.T. Corp’s mission is to help open to the doors to an improved quality of life for those suffering from this invisible injury, who may not have the means to find help themselves.

There are 1.6-3.8 million cases of sports-related concussions every year, and 90 percent of them go unreported, meaning those who’ve gone through these head injuries are not receiving the medical attention they need, nor the proper care or treatment required. What’s worse is that living with an untreated concussion can lead to risk of life-threatening conditions such as depression and lack of mental clarity.

H.I.T. Corp believes that quality of life should never have a price tag. Through the generous donations and support from others, H.I.T. Corp aims to bring those who suffer back to the life they knew before their injuries.

Joining Dorton on his nonprofit board are Jarrett Solimando and Brad Chapman, both of whom have sports backgrounds and have experienced or seen how a concussion can severely affect one’s day-to-day life.

These three Delray locals are committed to raising funds to provide those who are experiencing the after-effects of concussions with all of the necessary treatment at a top choice facility focused on head trauma and brain injury recovery.

To donate, visit, and follow on Facebook to find out details on upcoming fundraising events.