Dive Into Palm Beach Swim Week In Boca


Fusion Fashion & Art Productions, Inc. hosting
a three-day swimwear fashion show

By: Paige Ellenson Lynn University Contributing Writer

Fusion Fashion & Art Productions, Inc. is making a splash and diving into the 8th annual Palm Beach Swim Week by hosting a three-day runway summer and swimwear fashion show Nov. 15-Nov. 18.

The jam-packed weekend will be held at 327 Plaza Real in Boca and features designers’ upcoming summer collections that will be in stores next summer.

The public event kicks off on Friday, Nov. 16 with a grand opening of shows. Saturday, Nov. 17 the action continues with many events including a gala, pageant and a showcase of many designers. The weekend closes on Sunday, Nov. 18 with a grand finale that includes a trunk and vendor sale where shoppers can save money.

“I’m so pumped for next year’s swim wear,” said Noelle Colimon, University of Miami student. “I can’t wait to rock one of the suits in the summer.”

The media and public have this opportunity to see a first glance at designers’ collections by witnessing it in person while the models walk down the runway to showcase the swimwear, resort wear and accessories.

“Having a fashion show in our own backyard is pretty awesome,” said Emily Finocchio, resident of Parkland and senior at Lynn University. “Usually you hear New York or even Miami where they are held, but not usually one in Boca. It’s awesome that it’s a public event and they are allowing anyone to attend. I know I’ll definitely be there.”

The show is presented by Florida Fashion & Apparel Chamber Commerce and produced by Lilyana LoVela, the creator of Fusion Fashion & Art. Models will be sporting makeup by Cosmix School of Cosmetology.

“I’m super excited to see the fashion show! I’m looking forward to seeing all the new swimwear trends,” Caroline Foran said.

For more information and details about this event go to: www.FusionFashionAndArt.com