Ethereal Wonderment Of Veggie Fest Returns To Mizner Park


By: Diane Feen Contributing Writer

There was CBD oil to calm you, CBD gummies to nurture you and drinks that quenched your thirst with probiotics and natural hydration properties.

If anything ailed you (or went against your societal grain) the Veggie fest at Mizner Park in Boca was the bastion of soulful solutions. It seems that manufacturing healthy products has hit its zenith with everything from meatless Philly Cheese Steaks to probiotic drinks with names like Doctor D’s Mandarin Orange and KAMSA.

The vendors were selling health and sustainable eating products. The mantra seemed to be foods that were fat free, dairy free, meat free, stress free and authentic.

But does this type of utopian health regime really exist?

The American Shaman CBD products say they do. “We bring wellness through concentrated terpene rich CBD oil from high quality industrial hemp. It’s organic, gluten free, non-GMO and has no heavy metals or insecticides.”

There were so many different types of CBD oils, creams and potions that one might ask themselves, “Am I behind the zenith of my earthly aspirations?”

If you ask Ola, the creator of Navati ice cream, she doesn’t think so. “I am passionate about desserts but also very concerned about what we’ve been doing to our planet and to ourselves.”

Ola was born in Saudi Arabia, then moved to Florida from London (after studying at the Culinary Arts Academy). Her ice cream is made of cashews, coconuts and organic ingredients with no chemicals and the flavors range from Matcha Power to Pumpkin Seed Butter.

“Everything we make has the health of our bodies and our planet in mind, and we are plastic free! It’s a completely guilt-free treat.”

That’s a relief – guilt could be wiped out from the dairy spectrum now.

If you’re still feeling guilty for some mortal sin, there was a booth labeled “Kindness Matters.”

Boca Raton resident Laura Reiss started an organization called Samaritans365 Kindness Matters. “My passion is to give back and inspire others to do the same.”

Reiss was raising her three young children and wanted them to have values like compassion, gratitude, and kindness. What started out as an after-school club with 35 children has grown.  They now have thousands of Samaritan members, over 350 trained Ambassadors, and 90 kindness clubs in eight states. Their mission is to spread kindness.

Rawganic Botanical Skincare is less about guilt and more about having happy skin. They sell organic facial wipes or refreshing antioxidant hydro-mist. Trying to find out if you skin is happy was not on the menu – but perhaps the communication is subtle.

Though the heat was rearing its head like a fire ceremony afoot, there were dozens of booths selling items and services that would create eternal harmony and health.

Even Min’s Matcha Tea was an enviable spot. It had natural caffeine and amino acid L-Theanine. It is supposed to provide one with focused alertness without any frazzle for a swift pick-up.

If you were looking for a life enveloped with love and botanicals, sealed with bio-degradable kindness and saturated with CBD enrichment, The Veggie Fest was the place to be.

But if you just want a stress-free mellow existence (or have bodily pain) there are CBD coaches at Leafywell. They believe, “Nature has a remedy” and say their CBD oil will improve sleep, reduce stress and help you relax after a tough day.

Truth be told, it is daunting to try to create a perfect life in sync with the planet surrounded by emotions that are biodegradable. But after a day at Veggie Fest, the answers might be just around any sustainable corner.