Meet Your Seat A Candidate: Tamara Mckee

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are running for City Council?

I will bring

*A fresh, independent voice

*20 year resident advocate in Boca

*Mom of 4, Ivy League and NCAA , Volunteer with over 30 non profits in Boca

*Small business owner with Fortune 500 Companies

*Experienced, proven servant leadership-

*Board of Elder Affairs

*Florida Real Estate Appraisers’ Board

*Boca Raton Pension Board Trustee

  1. What are the top three issues you want to address if elected? 

When I am elected I will

1) Make sure Local Boca businesses have a preference in our City Vendor selection process.

2)Restore trust in our city government by disclosing our tax returns.

3) Advocating for our senior citizens in all areas of our city.

  1. What do you see as Boca’s biggest challenge? What do you see as Boca’s biggest opportunity? 

Boca needs to remain distinctly Boca. Not Ft Lauderdale. Not Delray

Boca can remain the jewel of South Florida if I am elected on August 28th.