The Food Beat’s Food Woofers visits Zio’s of Delray Beach


Hi, my name is Big Joe Stout and I am the host of Food Woofers, “the head to head smack down of chow down” only on TheFood We visit Delray Beach restaurants that have a knack for significant portions of amazing food and pit two contestants (woofers) to see who can finish first. The winner claims fame, cash, and a full belly. pineapple-newspaper-ziosOur very first episode took place at one of Delray Beach’s best kept secrets, Zio’s. For our non Italian readers, Zio’s mean “Uncle” in Italian. Cool name for a cool joint owned and run by family. The proprietors, the Conigliaro’s, Patriarch Pat, and sons Matt and Nick have been serving up great food for years on the southeast corner of Military and Atlantic. Ave. Zio’s is a counter service/dine in/take out restaurant with a heavy focus on homemade. They cook their own turkey and beef on premise, and fresh is delivered daily. Food quality is top tier here, and the specialty is Philly Cheese Steaks. Certainly one of the finest Philly’s in the area, the Conigliaro boys pile on fresh rib eye that is chopped while cooking, for extreme tenderness. Freshly sautéed onions, peppers, and mushrooms are piled onto a bakery fresh roll along with the generous portion of grilled steak. Of course, what Philly Cheese Steak would be complete without cheese? That would be like making Eggs Benedict without the eggs. Or shrimp cocktail without the shrimp. Or…you get the idea. At Zio’s, you have your choice of the traditional Cheese Wiz, or fresh Provolone or Swiss. But Zio’s is no one trick pony. The menu is as diverse as David Bowies wardrobe. Zio’s could be known as “Lord of the Rings” for their colossal onion rings, and the chicken wings, fries, and jalapeño bites are all grade A. For those a little more concerned about calories (God only knows why) Zio’s has a nice line up of salads and wraps. Thirsts are handled well with a typical line up of non- alcoholic beverages and for those wanting a grander quenching adventure, ice cold beer is also readily available. So what would our two Food Woofers be consuming for this festive and frolicking feast? Two words: Bad. Patrick. Oh yeah…The Bad Patrick is a big ole mass of burger love…about a three pound sandwich that practically utters the words “dare ya.” Named after founding father “Patrick,” this is a burger to be avoided by vegetarians and wimps. The Bad Patrick is three half-pound patties of freshly ground chuck, grilled to perfection and smothered in cheese. The three patties are aligned ever so carefully on a full size cheese steak roll, and then buried in an avalanche of French fries, onion rings, tomato, lettuce and topped with Zio’s zesty homemade hot sauce.’s ridic-licious, and one could possibly feed a family of four, but on this day, two woofers took the challenge and only one walked away a champion. Log on to The Food to learn more about Zio’s and to witness the battle as it played out in front of The Food Beat camera crew. Zio’s has seating for about 20 normal sized people, and the entire menu is available for takeout. Say Uncle. Visit

Zio’s 14860 S Military Trail Delray Beach, Florida 561.865.9333