#1 Best Selling book on Amazon.com


LOVE Beyond Your Dreams by local author Riana Milne Riana Milne, LMHC, CAP & Certified Relationship, Life & Love Coach, author & Motivational Speaker, and owner of Therapy by the Sea in Delray Beach, was just awarded the #1 Best Seller position on Amazon.com in two categories: Women & Spirituality, and Couples & Family Therapy; for her book, LOVE Beyond Your Dreams, Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve. Milne’s LOVE book also climbed to 2nd position in the Psychology category. Her book is available on Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle editions; as well as in Barnes & Noble stores and on nook eReaders. Milne is also a regular contributing writer for The Pineapple Newspaper with her column, My Relationship Coach. You can also see her articles on eHarmony, Beliefnet, Dr. Laura, Your Tango, and on her website, RianaMilne.com. Her first book of the series, LIVE Beyond Your Dreams, from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success is also rated 5 Stars on amazon.It is on similar platforms and sold in book stores, and is about being your best self by developing a positive mind-set for success in all life areas. Both books were written as a series that goes along with a 125 page Life & Love Transformation Coaching workbook. Milne’s coaching is for singles looking to find emotionally, healthy love, for couples looking to improve a dysfunctional relationship, and for anyone going through a difficult transition in life. She offers VIP 1-on-1 coaching for 3 and 6 month programs, 1-day and weekend intensives, online group and home study programs. Milne coaches within her Delray Beach office, by phone and through Skype. Whether you’re questioning whether to stay in or leave your relationship, if you are experiencing Post Traumatic Shock due to discovering another lie or cheating lover, if your partner suddenly left you for another, you are trying to heal from a painful breakup, or want to absolutely get love right next time, you’ll learn what personality types to avoid to save you from heartache and misery. This book is written in four sections: Part 1: How to spot an emotional manipulator or toxic person Part 2: How to stop the cycle of dysfunctional, abusive relationships Part 3: How to save and reinvent yourself and get on a path to healing Part 4: How to have a healthy, loving evolved relationship Milne clearly identifies and defines problematic behaviors, unhealthy patterns and destructive personality traits that help you understand why your partner does what they do, what childhood triggers you bring into a love relationship and explores how your relationship can be helped. Learn exactly what to do to choose a healthy partner and identify the characteristics that lead to loving relationships that last for all the right reasons. With three-quarters of marriages failing today, what is the difference in the lasting evolved love relationship? If you’re ready to change the pattern of your relationships and learn how to choose a magnificent partner to receive the love you deserve, get ready to LOVE Beyond your Dreams. To learn more about Riana’s Relationship, Life or Love Coaching programs or suggest a topic, go to Riana’s website, www.RianaMilne.com