10 Outdoor Activities To Do Around Your House When Your Kids Are Quarantined


By: Heather McMechan

Local Mom Scoop

This has been a crazy time, a very unexpected time in everyone’s lives. Being stuck at home has not been easy and you’ve probably run out of indoor activity ideas. But what about outdoor activities that you can do around your house. 

I’m sharing 10 ideas for outdoor activities to do around the house when your kids are quarantined. 

  1. Have a Family Fun Night Outside

Put some music on. Buy a disco ball light and go outside for the best family dance party ever. Play the top songs from each family members birth year. Play musical chairs or have a limbo contest. 

  1. Build A Fort Outside

One of my favorite past times as a kid was to build a fort inside the house. But what if you decided to build a fort outside. Grab your lawn furniture and outside toys along with blankets and towels and make a super fort outside. 

  1. Have a Picnic In The Backyard 

Find your paper plates and cups and create a delicious lunch to enjoy outside. Put down some blankets or sit at the outside patio table. You can count the lizards while you dine.  

  1. Bird Watching

With spring in South Florida, there are so many birds around. From cardinals to woodpeckers, my kids have seen them all. It’s fun to sit outside with a pair of binoculars like my grandfather used to and watch the birds. 

  1. Water Play

Invest in a water bounce house, water tables or fun squirt guns for the best water day ever. Put the sprinkler on or have the kids jump in the pool.

  1. Have A Bike Ride Adventure

We are so into technology that we’ve forgotten to learn the basics like riding a bike. Take this time to invest in bicycles for the entire family. Teach your kids to ride a bike and then go on a family adventure around the neighborhood. 

  1. Bubble Contest

Who can blow the biggest bubbles? Invest in bubble soap, wands for some outdoor fun. 

  1. Side Walk Chalk Festival

Purchase some chalk and have your kids draw their favorite works of art on the side walk. Have each family member vote on their favorite. 

  1. Hula Hoop Contest

See who can go the longest with a family hoola hoop contest. If you have little ones, then let them throw a ball through the hula hoop or place the hoops on the ground and create an obstacle course.  

  1. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Create a fun scavenger hunt for your kids. It’s a great activity to have them keep focus and learn to read.  

Remember, family is the most important thing and if you can create fun memories while living in this uncertain world, your kids will remember you for how you handled it all.