5 Questions with Boca Bowl Executive Director Doug Mosley

  1. Tell us about yourself and how you became the executive director of the Boca Bowl.
    I spent over 25 years working in intercollegiate athletics, most of it on campus in athletic departments but also in television. ESPN owns the Boca Raton Bowl so I was very fortunate to already know the people who were bringing this event together and had the kind of experience they sought for their executive director position. They asked me if I would like to relocate to Boca Raton and run a bowl game for them and it took me about two seconds to say “Yes!” So my family and I moved from snowy Cincinnati and have loved living in beautiful south Florida ever since!
  2. What is your favorite part about Boca Bowl/what are you most looking forward to?
    For me, it’s when the game itself kicks off. You build toward that moment from the opening day of the college football season to the narrowing of the field as the season progresses to finally arriving at the two teams who will play in the game. You put together all the arrangements for the incredible resorts where they stay – the Boca Raton Resort and PGA National – and events they will attend during bowl week. Then you sweat the details to make sure all those plans are executed as flawlessly as possible. All that hard work pays off when the referee blows his whistle and the game itself begins. That’s the moment I truly love.
  3. What is the most rewarding part of the bowl and the most challenging?
    I love to be there when the teams arrive each year, right at the bottom of the stairs when they’re getting off their team charter at Palm Beach International Airport. You pick up on their amazement right away at our beautiful December weather – our teams last year came from freezing temps in Detroit and Philadelphia and the year before it was snowing on both teams when they left home – and you can also sense their readiness to get on the playing field for the game.  The biggest challenge is each year is after the teams have left and the crowds have gone home, wondering how we’re going to do it all bigger and better the next year.
  4. What can people expect at this year’s game?
    Two talented teams who are excited to come here and put on a great game, plus as we’ve been tagged – “Boca’s biggest annual outdoor party”. There’s a lot to do before you even go into the stadium, with live entertainment at our Ford Fan Fest and rides and activities on our family midway. It’s always exciting to see the two schools’ bands play side-by-side. We strive to ensure that everyone has an unforgettable experience every year.
  5. Give us some stats about the bowl. How many people are expected to attend, how much of an economic impact does the game bring, etc.
    We’ve been very fortunate to have strong support from our community in terms of individual and corporate ticket sales. In each of our first two years we had very few tickets available when game day came. Even on a rainy night last year we still had nearly 26,000 in attendance.
    The Palm Beach County Sports Commission did an economic impact study following last year’s game and conservatively estimated our event created over $10.4 million in total economic impact with almost $400,000 in local taxes generate and over 7,500 room nights booked by visitors. We also received a post-event analysis from Sponsorship Science, an independent company that rates sponsor return value on television broadcasts. Sponsorship Science estimated a total advertising equivalency value of just under $13 million for the live U.S.-only broadcast of our game.