5 Questions with Drew Shprintz Co-Creator of Myschyf, the first hemp liquor in the U.S.


Launched in South Florida, it has proven hugely popular in Delray and Boca available at Rocco’s Tacos, Tryst, Taverna Opa, Honey, Dada, Salt, Caffe Martier, 3rd and 3rd, Abe & Louies, Cabo Flats, Dubliner and Kapow.
1. What is Myschyf?  Are people curious about the first Hemp Liqueur?
Myschyf is the first Hemp Liqueur in the United States. It is 70 proof and has less than a gram of sugar in an ounce. It has a ton of flavor, is great on its own, or mixed into a drink. People have been very curious about the first Hemp Liquor and responding extremely favorably towards it.
2. Why did it take over 3 years to bring this to market?
Bringing any alcohol to market takes a lot of time, as there are a large number of licenses that you need to get as well as your product has to go through a number of approvals. With Myschyf, we are utilizing some ingredients that have never been used before so those ingredients had to get approved as well as the final formula. We also ran into a lot of random holdups including the government shutdown from several years ago.
3. How fast has this grown in South Florida, especially from Boca to Delray?
Our growth has been fantastic throughout South Florida, and the product is now getting recognized in more and more locations. In Boca and Delray specifically we have had some great growth, Myschyf is available pretty much everywhere on Atlantic Avenue and we just added several liquor stores in Delray with displays. In Boca, we just finished a staff training at Abe and Louie’s and are currently working on a menu for Prime Cigar Bar & Lounge.
4. What’s next for Myschyf?
Myschyf is going to continue to grow the number of accounts we have in South Florida, increase brand awareness and expand throughout the state.
5. Give us your best two recipes for Myschyf.
We have dozens of recipes on Myschyf.com. Myschyf is super versatile and delicious on its own or when mixed with your favorite mixer.  Some of the standout simple mixers are ginger ale, soda water (no lime needed), and pineapple juice. Two of my favorites would be the Myschyf Mule & the Myschyf Mojito. Myschyf also makes for a fantastic shot on its own or mixed. Try equal parts Myschyf & Jameson with a splash of ginger ale, or for something a little sweeter try Myschyf, Peach Schnapps and a splash of sour.  It’s delicious and mischievous!