5 Questions With Kendra Erika

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you first got into singing.

I first got into singing when I was younger, mostly in community and school theatre. I then began performing at local restaurants and lounges as a teenager, singing mostly classical and jazz standards. All the while I began writing and recording my own music with producers in Miami. Each person I’ve met led to meeting another person, and even today that continues to happen.

  1. We heard your latest song “Under My Skin” reached No. 6 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart. Tell us how that feels and what your inspiration for the song was.

To have your single in the top 10 is quite rewarding. Especially when you’re involved in the writing and creative process of it. The inspiration for the song, was from just a simple vibing session in the studio with my producer Damon Sharpe. How we usually go about writing is that he’ll send me the bare track in advance, so I can sit on it and come up with some melodic ideas. I never dig too deep in it, because then I get too attached to my ideas. While conjuring up melodic ideas, we’ll just play around with certain phrases and words. He came up with something about a “summer wind.”I said that’s a Frank Sinatra song title. Since that concept hit too close to home with the previous song “Oasis,”I suggested another Sinatra song with the concept “under my skin.” He and I both agreed that was the one to go forward with, and that’s how the process began.

  1. The single was produced by Grammy Award winning producer Damon Sharpe who has worked with tons of successful singers. What was working with Sharpe like?

It’s always so efficient and the energy between our ideas most always clicks. Throughout working so much in the industry, he knows where I stand when it comes to trying to be different, and not the same old same old.

  1. What summer songs are on your must-play party playlist?

It’s funny, I mostly just like to listen to DJ mixes on either YouTube or Soundcloud. I don’t focus on just a list of songs, because then it gets mundane. Music is supposed to provide something interesting every time, not just a broken record.

  1. What is your favorite place to perform locally and why?

I love Stache in Ft. Lauderdale. It offers a great atmosphere, especially with the speakeasy decor and theme. When deep house is played there it’s almost as if the old and the new are coming together harmoniously. Deep house is like the new age form of what swanky and intimate jazz was back in the day. It’s an interesting experience to perform there.