5 questions with Peter Gary, CEO of Pinnacle Advertising and Marketing and participant in the 2016 Boca Ballroom Battle


1. Tell us about yourself, your company and what led you to your position.
My career has been quite the exciting roller coaster ride. The highs have been amazing with eight years in the Marines, an intense rise in the automotive world and then building Pinnacle into one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in South Florida.
This also means overcoming the lows as well. I’ll never forget sitting patiently at a red light when I was blindsided by a drunk driver operating a truck full of marble and thrusted into oncoming traffic. The paramedics used the jaws of life to extract me from my mangled car. Although my career in automotive sales was flourishing at the time, after 18 months of recovery, I opted for a new career. I helped take Autobase, a CRM provider in the automotive space, from 167 dealers to over 3,000 dealers in 5 years.
I had quickly learned that I had knack for marketing and got into the advertising world. Four years later I was ready to open up my own shop and envisioned a fully integrated firm that offers everything a business needs from traditional advertising to digital marketing to social media to public relations to media buying.
2. What have the dance lessons been like? Can you give us any hints about what kind of dances we can expect to see?
It more fun that I could have ever imagined. I’ve enjoyed the spirited group classes and intensive private lessons at the Fred Astaire Dance Studios. The real honor is that I get to share the dance floor with Pam Casanave, who is world class dancer, teacher and person.
I feel very strongly about getting involved and giving back to our great community, so I’m honored to be a part of this incredible event benefiting the George Snow Scholarship Fund. This is an organization dedicated to the goal to help deserving individuals within our community achieve their career goals, an objective which has the added benefit of bettering the community at large.
As for any hints… no Marine is going to give away classified information. Let’s just say that my custom choreographed routine will bring down the house.
3. What was it like to serve in the Marines? Tell us about your time in the service.
Serving my country was truly an honor. My time with the Marines defined my business and personal life with the core values that have brought me so much success. I believe that leadership is earned and never assumed.
4. What is your ideal Boca Raton day? What would you do from morning to night?
My ideal day starts early with an intense workout at Orangetheory Fitness, followed by a quick bite at the Olympia Flame Diner. Then I’ll spend a few hours with clients and then take them to Abe & Louie’s for an incredible lunch. I’ll then head to the office to meet with the staff on crafting strategies to propel our clients forward. I’ll end the day with LoriAnn enjoying the sunset at the Boca Beach Club with a nice bottle of wine and cigar.
5. Share a fun fact about yourself.
I’m an avid competitive shooter having participated in many events all throughout South Florida, plus I love boating and scuba diving.