5 Questions With Matt Munro, Co-Founder of GroovyTek


 Tell us about GroovyTek and what sets it apart from similar companies.

GroovyTek provides one-on-one personal technology training for those of us that weren’t born with a smartphone or computer in our hands. Think house calls for help with your technology or another way to explain it is work with a GroovyTek personal trainer for your technology as opposed to a personal trainer for fitness. Our trainers serve clients patiently in one-hour sessions and help empower them to grasp personal technology in relatable, understandable terms. GroovyTek was created to serve clients and help them navigate the roads of technology independently and everything we do at GroovyTek is anchored by both patience and respect.


 How have you adapted your business model with the COVID-19 pandemic?

We have seen a surge in demand for our remote or virtual training options. These “Over The Phone” technology training sessions have really helped a lot of folks who were looking to be well set-up with their technology as they found themselves spending more and more time at home.

We also created two specific webinar series, Staying@Home and Working@Home, to provide tips to help people stay connected and work most effectively during the pandemic. These were offered for free to Florida residents for a limited time, and can now be downloaded on-demand via our website at www.groovytek.com.


 You recently opened your first South Florida location in Boca Raton. Why Boca?

We founded our company in Denver, Colorado in 2015 and expanded to Arizona two years later. However, from day one, we had our sights set on South Florida. That being said, we wanted to make sure our service was flawless and ready to deliver to the high standards South Floridians have come to expect. After conducting over 10,000 hours of in-home training sessions, we are confident we can help anyone feeling any type of frustration with their personal technology. We have a proven process, we have the perfect training team in place, and our operations have been perfected in order to deliver the best and most unique service from our new base of operations in Boca Raton.


 What is your TekPrep program all about?

We teamed up with the American Red Cross to help folks use technology to prepare for the uncertainty brought on by disaster scenarios such as a hurricane. Since hurricanes can require evacuation to temporary shelters, knowing how to use personal technology is crucial.

We offered a series of four free weekly remote seminars and the response was incredible. Our TekPrep program provided people with a stronger sense of security and the knowledge that their “digital” house is in order. This brought them confidence in using technology to create as much normalcy as possible in times of crisis.

The TekPrep series is now available for free on demand via our website.


 Hurricane season in South Florida goes through November. What are your top five TekPrep tips?

  1. Set up group chats ahead of time.
  • Determine who will be in the group.
  • Decide what type of group (i.e. communication vs. emergency)
  • Make sure everyone in the group is on the same platform
  1. Stay connected by loading apps on your phone ahead of time.
  • FEMA
  • Local news stations
  • Red Cross, etc.
  1. Have the flashlight app loaded on your phone.
  • In addition to built-in, easy access and uses less power
  1. Have a backup charger ready for your technology devices.
  • Solar or battery bank chargers
  1. Backup your files.
  • 30% of users do not have their files backed up. Use an external hard drive, flash drive or Cloud storage.