5 Questions With Newly Elected Boca Councilman Andy Thomson

  1. Congratulations on winning your race to become a Boca Raton Councilman. Tell us about why you decided to run for office?

Boca Raton has a wonderful quality of life, and I wanted to help preserve it.  Issues that we’re experiencing like traffic and school overcrowding – which demonstrate that we are an attractive place to live – could use some improvement, and I have the experience to help.

  1. Your race involved a recount. Talk us through the process of what it was like to not know if you won for a few days after the election. What was going through your mind?

It was a rollercoaster of emotions.  Although the election was on a Tuesday, we didn’t learn the result until Friday. Complicating matters further: my wife and I had planned a trip to Scotland (from where the Thomsons hail) to celebrate our anniversary. We left the day after the election, meaning I was in Scotland during the entire recount process, but my campaign team did a wonderful job managing everything.  We were in Edinburgh when we learned that we had won.

  1. What are you most looking forward to as you begin your term?

It is incredibly humbling to represent the talented and generous people that live in Boca Raton.  I most look forward to meeting more of our residents, listening to their concerns for our City, and to begin working to earn their trust.

  1. What would you like to say to your supporters? What would you like to say to the people who did not support you?

To our supporters: I’m humbled and honored by your belief in me.

To those who did not support me (and I fully recognize that there are a lot of you): I hope to earn your trust.  My job is to represent everybody in this City, not just those who agree with me.  I hope that you will come to see that I am working diligently to preserve our quality of life and protect our City’s future.

  1. What are the top 3 priorities you would like to see the city tackle?

Improve our traffic, work through disputes more collaboratively and less confrontationally and increase transparency and responsiveness in dealing with the City’s issues.