5 Tips For Giving Mom That Special Holiday Gift And It’s Not What You May Think


By: Heather McMechan Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

I know when it comes to holiday gift giving, my husband, maybe the kids too, always wonder what to give me. But this year, the gifts I want and probably most moms want are easy and right under their noses.

It’s the little gifts we dream about that are big in our world.

Bathroom time

When we get at least five feet away from our families, an alarm goes off. Panic ensues and everyone makes a mad dash looking for you. The only place to find peace this holiday season is hanging out in the bathroom. What mom wouldn’t give for 10 minutes alone without someone knocking or calling her name through the bathroom door? This is the gift that keeps on giving.

Replace the toilet paper roll

It’s an innovative gift that was created for toilet paper. A spring loaded rod that you can stick a roll of toilet paper on and take as many squares as you need. For some reason, the replaced toilet paper roll is either resting on top or not replaced at all. It’s a small gesture that every family could do for us moms as we usually get the last two squares off the roll.

An alternate bedside route

How many times have you been awakened by your child standing on your side of the bed? It’s an alarming site and one that usually gives you a mild heart attack. Some sort of barrier or re-routing sign to the other side of the bed would be a fantastic way to show her you care during this holiday season.

It’s all about the maintenance

Moms don’t take enough time for themselves. You know it’s time for some maintenance when the children start picking out the white hairs in your head and you have half a hand with gels on from your two month old manicure. Help her make that time for those appointments by following up and then complimenting her. You won’t have to guess if she got her hair done. You’ll know!

Accessorize mom

You can never go wrong with a popular designer hand bag or pair of shoes. Moms are always asking other moms their opinions so text another mom friend for confirmation on your gift selection. Or you can just ask her what exact bag and shoes she wants. Moms will tell you!