6 essential marketing and advertising trends


By: Allison Turner, Business Consultants of South Florida Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers
Our world is rapidly changing and if you own your business or make decisions in the marketing or advertising budget of a company, you need to be aware of these changes. The following seven items are just a few of the changes to expect this year.
1. Customer experience is still very important: Relationship marketing is still very valuable but besides building your in-person relationships, digital relationships are also crucial. With the advent of online marketing, many marketing platforms are now tracking the buyer’s journey and interests and providing additional information and advertising that integrates with the customer’s experience. Regardless of whether you meet customers in person or online, keeping in front of your ideal client is essential.
2. Mobile is a necessity: If your website is not mobile friendly then think again. More and more people are searching online through their phone or tablet. If your website is not user friendly, don’t expect the potential client to stay on your website for very long.
3. Social media: Many feel this is a strategy, but this alone is not a strategy. One platform must be combined with others to make it effective.
4. Content marketing: Gone are the days when the written word is the only thing you use in marketing and advertising. Video is now an absolute necessity and a powerful content marketing tool just as blogging, guides or infographics also continue to be.  Video is on track to being more important than the written word in online marketing. People want to be engaged.
5. SEO: While SEO used to be all about tricking the system, today, content has an even greater advantage because the robots crawling your website are able to differentiate between SEO games and whether your content is truly answering someone’s question. Update your website, add videos, create fresh content. All are very important in SEO.
6. Digital advertising: This continues to be on the rise as more and more companies sink billions into online marketing and advertising. $10 billion more is expected to be spent this year than last year on this strategy. What’s more, video ads are making their way to the forefront. Don’t be surprised to see fewer pictures and more videos as we move through 2016. With this being said, we are also seeing an upswing of ad blocking so keep this in mind as you set your digital advertising budget. Know how to get around this through social media advertising and other platforms.