80s pop icon Tiffany gets ready to rock Boca Black Box


By: Joanie Cox-Henry

Tiffany twirled into the hearts of millions of fans in 1987 when her cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now” became a number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 list. After wrapping the Mixtape Tour in July with New  Kids On The Block, Salt-N-Pepa, Debbie Gibson and Naughty By Nature, Tiffany is back out on the road on her own offering fans a more intimate look at her music and her life. She’s performing at Boca Black Box Center For The Arts Sept. 22 and will be singing her classic hits as well as tunes from her latest album, “Pieces of Me.”

“This new album is much more rock based. I think it’s been a progression really,” Tiffany said.  “‘The Color of Silence’ was 2000. I started stepping into this world a bit. I had taken a hiatus. I had wanted to do a follow up album and had looked for producers for a long time. We went into the studio several times and we were going to do rock projects with a harder edge and it all ended up in pop land again. I was like ‘Well this is not what I said I was going to do.”

Tiffany continued to tour, host and do things that made her grow as an artist, but she longed to go back into the studio.

“I thought ‘Well I’ll get back on track at some point, but it’s got to be with the right people.’ And that started to happen about three years ago,” Tiffany said. “This album is a lot about love and heartbreak and a reflection of pieces of my life.”

While Tiffany is delighted to be back on the road, she is missing her Mixtape Tour family, especially The New Kids On The Block, who Tiffany had catapulted to fame after allowing them a spot as her opening act. 

“I didn’t expect the tribute from New Kids in the show,” Tiffany, 47, said. “I held off crying until the 54th show and then the tears started to come. I struggled with the video. I couldn’t watch it. I was in awe that they took the time to tell the story and give me that credit back. I really appreciated it. To me, I just did the right thing. They came in. It made sense. It was a great pairing.”

Tiffany also enjoy connecting with fans during that tour.

“It’s been so much fun meeting the fans and hearing their stories,” Tiffany said. “Some have said they didn’t like me back then because I was dating Jon [Knight]. It’s been amazing to see how many have traveled to follow the New Kids and they’ve got a group of girls who go together and the relationships that were founded on loving that group.”

During her own meet and greets, Tiffany admits she has a more new age approach.

“When the fans would come on my bus, I’m very earth child so I would have my candles going and crystals and I do a lot of saging,” Tiffany added. “When you smudge with sage, it cleans the air and I can’t get sick.So they’d come on my bus and wonder ‘What is happening?’ It was very intimate and I had fun with it every night.

When she’s not sipping authentic jasmine green tea or playing with aromatherapy oils you can find her shopping for Versace fashions or getting a healthy glow from Makeup Forever products. But every once in a while, fans still ask her what she misses most about her 1987 mall tour that transformed her into an overnight teen icon.

“I miss many things from the 80s that aren’t around anymore, but what I miss most of all that still exists, but is not as readily available, is Orange Julius,” Tiffany reminisced. “That was my favorite drink in the 80s and I drank it at every mall. I also miss Charlotte Russe. I rocked some Charlotte Russe back then. That was my jam!”

Tiffany will perform 7-9 p.m. Sunday Sept. 22 at Boca Black Box Center For The Arts.Tickets cost $60. A $75 VIP with a meet and greet with Tiffany is also available. Call 561-483-9036 for tickets or visit bocablackbox.com for additional information.