American Cancer Society Hope Gala Nears


As Public Relations Chairman, Jamie Lober has led the American Cancer Society – South Palm Beach Chapter to receive more media attention than ever before. The word has traveled throughout Delray Beach that the Hope Gala is going to be the event of the century. “This is not a gala to be taken lightly as we are celebrating 100 years of progress in the fight against cancer,” said Lober.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 9, 2013 at Woodfield Country Club at 6:30pm. For this gourmet dinner with grand entertainment and auctions, the strings were not pulled together overnight. “It started with a vision and when you believe you can do something, you are halfway there,” said Lober. Planning stages of the gala have been going on since late summer. “I place confidence in our Leadership knowing that each person is very capable of carrying out their role and we all have high expectations,” said Lober. The event would not be possible without Gala Chair, Mark Sunshine, Chairman and CEO of Veritas Financial Partners and Co- Chair, Mark Seigel, CFO of Veritas Financial Partners. “With Sunshine and Seigel at the top, Veritas has a seasoned and worldly wise management team, meaningful and substantial industry experience and obviously leadership,” said Lober. Those who have worked with Sunshine and Seigel seem to hold a good opinion of them. “I know the Veritas men as thoughtful, unselfish, sociable people who value hard work and philanthropy and energize our Leadership.”
The Hope Gala is predicted to be the one can’t-miss event of the social season. “Even though we are on the right track, we will get run over if we just sit there so we are meeting, planning, organizing and spreading the word about this celebration until the very last minute,” said Lober. Discerning that involvement with the American Cancer Society is “extremely personal” to her and that she feels honored to be their voice as Public Relations Chairman, Lober assertively said that she has the best position of all. She goes on to request that anyone who that is interested in building a healthier community come out to the spectacular Hope Gala. Proceeds go to R.O.C.K. (Reaching Out to Cancer Kids) Camp, our state’s first and only residential camp serving individuals between ages 7 and 16 who are currently or previously treated for cancer. “They deserve to assimilate and enjoy the traditional camp experience with the guarantee that their medical needs will be tended to by full-time volunteer medical personnel,” said Lober.

Dollars will also go toward research and services. “Our own research has validated the link between smoking and lung cancer and the association between obesity and several cancers; demonstrated that mammography is the most effective way to find breast cancer; developed drugs to treat leukemia and we are not done yet,” said Lober. If you are interested in information about tickets or sponsorships, you can contact Ellen Vaughan, unit executive director at (561)- 394-7751, x5308 or “Our organization only turns 100 once so this event is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity and on behalf of Leadership, we hope to see you and everyone you know there,” said Lober.