Artist Spotlight: Sally Painter


Iluminating Alternative Perspectives

Artist and Delray Beach resident Sally Painter takes an unusual approach to her floral subjects, highlighting the natural elements of their beauty while focusing on the harmony and balance of the entire composition. Using oil on canvas, she works to illuminate alternative perspectives, inviting the viewer to look anew on familiar flowers and fauna and truly see the vibrant splendor they have to offer. What makes Painter’s images so unique is her focus on the sundrenched color and elaborate detail of each species she chooses as her subject matter. Her compositions are visually stunning as individual petals unfurl across the canvas, highlighting the immense beauty to be found in nature’s creations. For Painter, the actual artistic process is akin to a dance; just as in dance the body responds instinctively to music, likewise for her the brush seems to move on its own. Having grown up on a farm, Painter approaches her subjects from a horticultural perspective but also with a painterly eye. By translating her natural love for flowers onto the canvas, she is able to bring the works alive, capturing such intricate details as the texture of the petals and the lushness of the colors. What results are detailed images that draw the viewer into the world of the flowers that lie before them, so that they can almost see the petals trembling in the breeze and smell the intoxicating fragrance of the blooms. Painter moved to Delray Beach from Northern California in July 2004, just in time for Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne. Since then, she has had the opportunity to pursue her passion of painting. She has studied with a few art teachers in Delray and Boca Raton, most notably, Roselyn Kirsch, an inspiration and mentor who was a highly respected instructor at  the Boca Museum Art School. “In my art, I try to provoke emotion from the viewer,” Painter says. Often, it is a feeling of whimsy or humor with the goal of lightening the observer’s day, if only for a few minutes. In others, I study flowers from an unusual perspective.” Her paintings have been selected for display at the Prudential Courtyard Building in Delray Beach (2008), St. Paul’s Church for the celebration of Art & Jazz (2009), the Boca Raton Museum Art School, Featured artist at Delray Beach Public Library (March – July 2010), Artist of Palm Beach County Crest Exhibit (2010), The Lighthouse ArtCenter (2010), Featured Artist at the Palm Beach International Airport (February –April 2011), Lynn Cancer Center (2012) and Rosetti Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale (January-February 2012). Several pieces have been sold to private families in Spokane, Washington, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, New York and the Delray Beach/Boca Raton area. Painter will be exhibiting at Agora Gallery in the Chelsea District, the heart of New York City, from June 12- July 3rd, 2012. A graduate of Pepperdine University with a BS in Business Administration and Management, Painter and her husband own Western Star Nurseries, with several locations in Northern California. She is also an active volunteer and board member of the South County American Red Cross and lives in Delray Beach with her husband, Bob and son, Tyler. Visit her website a httop://