Arts Garage Performing Arts Academy Set for September Opening


Following the tremendous success of the Summer Camp program, The Arts Garage has announced the opening of their Performing Arts Academy on September 3, 2012. The after-school program will feature a multidisciplinary performing arts education curriculum and will take place at the Arts Garage, located in the heart of downtown Delray Beach. The program will offer both group and individual instruction and will begin with classes in music, theatre and poetry, with other classes being added regularly. There will be programs designed for all ages from 4 years old and up, with all students having ample performance opportunities. “Our philosophy is to run a successful education studio to educate and inspire through genuine artistic expression,” says Alyona Ushe, Executive Director of Arts Garage. “The response to our summer camp program was so overwhelming we knew the creation of this Academy was our next step. With schools dramatically cutting arts programs, we felt it was critical to offer students’ a venue to experience the arts. There are numerous studies proving that students who have the opportunity to become involved with arts programs garner benefits in all scholastic areas. We are excited to be able to provide our students with an incredible opportunity to work with outstanding instructors and have a venue to begin expressing their creative side.”

Arts Garage has chosen the instructors for their academy carefully. “We bring years of experience to Delray Beach. Our students have performed locally and nationally and our small team of teachers is young, passionate, and renowned,” states Drew Tucker, founder and director of Tucker Academy for the Arts, who has been contracted to run the Academy’s programming. Arts Garage is aiming to maximize the creative potential of students by pairing them with the best instructors in the area. They also plan on giving students ample performance opportunities, from putting on full scale youth theaterproductionstoperformingmainstage at some of Delray Beach’s great public events. By opening the Performing Arts Academy, Arts Garage is providing a service to the community at large. The organization is building self-esteem, discipline, dedication, teamwork, and a respect for the arts in the citizens of Delray Beach and the surrounding  areas. The Academy will also prepare students  for the possibility of careers in creative fields. “Having homegrown talent is a stamp of a successful culture. The support and opportunity this city provides is unprecedented and to be a part of that is great for our students,” states Tucker. For details about classes and tuition for the fall semester please visit