Boca Attorney Named ‘Woman Lawyer Of The Year’ By South Palm Beach County Chapter Of The Florida Association For Women Lawyers


Staff report

Boca Raton’s Robin Bresky Esq. was named Woman Lawyer of the Year by the South Palm Beach County chapter of Florida Association for Women Lawyers.

She was recognized by 150 members and supporters during a reception at Woodfield Country Club.

The volunteer bar association is dedicated to advancing the professional status of women lawyers, promoting the rights of women generally, enhancing the visibility of women within the legal profession and within their communities, and creating and maintaining supportive networks among women in the legal and other professions.

“The past presidents of this chapter unanimously decided (without Robin’s input, of course) that Robin was an obvious choice for this award,” said past president Ellen Leibovitch when introducing Bresky. “A few words to describe Robin are authentic, driven, confident, respected, trusted, engaging, generous and inspiring. Her appellate and litigation acumen and track record, legal authority and advocacy, industry leadership and innovation, and giving back to the community make her stand out in our legal and civic communities.”

Bresky reminded the audience of FAWL’s mission to create gender equality in the legal profession.

“We are supposed to get the message out, and we are supposed to fix it,” Bresky said. “As Sheryl Sandberg says in her book – Lean In…’whoever has the power, takes over the noun’. That’s why we still must point out and refer to the WOMAN president, the WOMAN judge, the WOMAN managing partner. We need to reach a point where the power is equal and we don’t need to identify the ‘WOMAN’ in the role. FAWL exists because we are not yet where we need to be; we have not achieved gender equality.”

She said, “It takes time for society to change, and clearly we have changed. Explicit bias is far less prevalent; it’s not gone, but it’s certainly better. In our legal profession, more women than men are graduating from law school, more women are in leadership positions, more women are on the bench. There are more women on the Florida Bar Board of Governors than ever before.”

Robin Bresky, founder of The Law Offices of Robin Bresky, is an elected member of The Florida Bar Board of Governors, has served on its Appellate Court Rules Committee and is active in its Appellate Practice Section.

She is a past president of the National Conference of Women’s Bar Associations, Florida State FAWL and the South Palm Beach County FAWL chapter. She has also served three terms as chair for the Palm Beach County Bar Association Appellate Committee and two years on the Board of Directors. Bresky has served on the board of directors of the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County since June 2007 and on the board of the Fourth District Court of Appeal (DCA) Historical Society since its inception.