Boca business builds innovative mobile apps


Staff report
Robert Okun retired from Wall Street, moved to South Florida to take care of his father and wanted to learn a new skill, coding.
So he went to Florida Atlantic University and asked for a tutor. Everyone’s recommendation was David Hartmann, a computer science and mathematics double major and computer science masters student from Germany.
Hartmann agreed to teach Okun code and through a year and a half of lessons, Okun learned about Hartmann’s company, The SilverLogic. Hartmann taught Okun code and Okun provided business advice to the co-founder of the full-service product development firm that he started with a few other students in 2012.
Okun said he decided to come out of retirement to help build The SilverLogic at Hartmann’s request.
Now, the two are business partners working in Boca Raton with a team of 22 platform application experts. The company creates mobile apps for various industries including an assisted living facility, an online food and delivery service and a major credit card provider.
In several offices in an office wing on Commerce Park Drive, coders sit in dimly lit rooms communicating instructions to the app in code.
“We are simplifying use internally for a company or for the user,” Hartmann said. “We build platform applications and bring a product to light for startups, small businesses and major corporations.”
Hartmann knows how to build apps for all platforms, but is an expert in iOS software, which was developed by Apple.
He said he became interested in computers at a young age because his father ran a software company in Germany.
“I was always near computers,” Hartmann said, recalling how he would build websites and then platforms.
Okun said he learned a lot from Hartmann as he showed off an app he is tinkering with that would allow the user to find recipes through certain key word searches like recipes from a famous chef or 30 minute meals using certain foods.
He said coming out of retirement to work in the technology sector has its differences from the trading floor. For starters, he said it is much calmer and involves more planning and thinking while Wall Street is more aggressive.
“The pace is different, but its more rewarding,”
he said.