Boca makes best places to live list, laziest city


By: Jeff Perlman Editor in Chief
Boca Raton has been the talk of lists lately, which has resulted in talk around the city. teamed up with the big guns in the world of cities for their third annual “100 Best Places to Live” listing. The good news, Boca Raton made the grade coming in at #59.
The city also made it to No. 1 in a survey did on the “Top 10 Cities Where Lazy People Can Thrive.”
Maybe that means the city is the best place for lazy people? Maybe it means Boca offers convenience for busy, working people. Whatever it means, Boca is getting noticed.
The surveys did get residents and elected officials talking about their city. After the “lazy” report went viral online, the city posted a snarky post on social media stating the city would like to comment on the report, but it was national manicure, pedicure day.
The city then posted a link to the report and mentioned several other events going on in the city. Residents also took to social media to post their thoughts on the city.
“I like all the top surveys, except the lazy one,” Mayor Susan Haynie said. “It did give us a good chuckle. We are not lazy. We work smarter not harder.” studied 2,000 communities with populations ranging from 20,000 to 350,000 and worked alongside noted urban thinker Richard Florida (author of “The Creative Class”) and researchers from NYU to evaluate cities based on 8 components: the economy, infrastructure, amenities, education, housing, health, civic and social capital and demographics.
Rochester, Minnesota topped the list based on its booming economy, affordable housing and stellar health care as the home of the renowned Mayo Clinic. Bellevue, Washington, just outside Seattle came in second fueled by its economy, lush parks, outdoor recreation and diverse population.
Boca’s beaches, golf courses, art museums and vibrant commercial scene were cited by Livability.
Also noted were the cities excellent schools and a population that is active politically and socially.
The city was one point behind Monterey, California and finished ahead of Miami Beach (#79).
Here’s how Boca Raton fared on the individual rankings.
#37 on the health of the economy.
#50 on health
#40 on housing
#78 on civic life
#71 on education
#79 amenities
#62 demographics
#58 infrastructure
Boca Raton, Sarasota (#31) and Miami Beach were the only Florida cities to crack the top 100.
When it comes to, the lazy survey ranked 10 cities based on several factors including: number of restaurants that offer delivery, number of day spas and massage therapy centers, percentage of homes on its site with a hot tub, sauna or steam room, average hours of sleep, average work hours per week, average cost of a cleaning service and the number of service apps in the area.
Haynie said judging the city on how many restaurant deliveries and spas was a flawed rationale.
“We call ourselves a world class city,” she said. “Of course those things are all part of being a world class city. We are a desirable community because we have such a high quality of life.”
The top 10 list cited how “easy it is to be a beach bum in Boca Raton” because the average temperature is 77 degrees and it is sunny 231 days out of the year. Its description dubs the city as the “Beverly Hills of Florida” and mentions Boca Bash, the Town Center Mall, Mizner Park and Royal Palm Plaza.
Boca isn’t the only Florida city on the list. Orlando was ranked No. 2 and Miami No. 5.