Boca Raton resident says Face Yoga is a natural way to sculpt your face from the inside out

Boca resident Susan Forma is a certified face yoga method instructor. Photo by David DiPino.

By: David DiPino
Contributing Writer

Did you know there are over 40 muscles in the face?

When people exercise, they typically do so from the neck down. Think about it though, there is clearly a difference in the tone of one’s body when the comparison is made between someone who works out versus someone who doesn’t take the time to train their muscles, said Susan Forma, a Boca Raton resident who began studying face yoga in 2017.

Imagine how great it would look if the same focus on training for toning the arms, with bicep curls, was an application for the muscles in the face.

The daily practice of Face Yoga can diminish crow’s feet and bags under the eyes, soften nasolabial fold lines, tighten sagging jaw and neck, and give you an overall look of youth and vitality, Forma said.

Exercising the facial muscles also brings more circulation and blood flow to the brain, perhaps diminishing the mental effects of aging.

The Face Yoga Method was created by Fumiko Takatsu of Japan.

“After being injured in an auto accident, Fumiko noticed that her smile was no longer symmetrical and it bothered her,” Forma said. “She took her lifelong knowledge of yoga and created The Face Yoga Method. To Fumiko’s surprise, the classes took off like wild fire, and before she knew it, she was featured on television, had a book written, and was urged to train others to teach. When Fumiko left Japan and came stateside, she began teaching all over the world. I had the privilege of being in the second class she taught outside of Japan.”

To date, Forma is the only Certified Face Yoga Method Instructor in South Florida.

Forma teaches individuals and groups how to naturally lift their face, stimulate collagen production, increase blood flow and circulation, while avoiding the use of toxic chemicals and expensive surgeries.

“A daily practice of Face Yoga takes less than 10 minutes and can easily be done anywhere with no equipment or mats required,” she said.

Many movie stars swear by facial exercises, including Megan Markle, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone, Natalie Portman and many more.

“In addition to supporting women in looking great, studies show that lifting the corners of the mouth releases endorphins throughout the body, which are the feel good hormones,”Forma said. “So not only will you have a more youthful appearance, but you’ll feel great as well!”

Along with teaching The Face Yoga Method, Forma is a Board-Certified Holistic Health Coach, and a licensed massage therapist and Reiki master for over 26 years. She also has a career in Home Healthcare as an account executive. She has been able to bring face yoga to many of those she works with in the medical field as well.

“I created a mini class called, Mind Your Face,” said Forma. “I love being able to teach nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) about face yoga. They are truly the most magnanimous human beings on the planet. I am a cancer survivor and had the misfortune of having to be hospitalized several times over the course of one year. I got to experience firsthand just how hard the nursing staff works when taking care of patients. It is with great pleasure that I am able to give something back to them in the form of this class as they were so amazing to me while I was on my healing journey.”

Forma’s programs, Mind Your Face brings to light the importance of being mindful of the look one carries on their face.

“In any type of person to person interaction, one’s body language and facial expression speaks volumes. But if you don’t have consciousness about how you look, and cannot isolate and relax specific muscles, you may find interactions difficult,” she said. “We all know people who walk around with a scowl on their face and how we feel when speaking with them. Mind Your Face is a class that every business owner, skilled nursing facility, and hospital or healthcare facility should bring in for their staff to enhance the quality of interactions and build better relationships between people.”

To learn more about Face Yoga, by Susan Forma, go to or call 561-929-1627.