Boca Raton Voters Retain Mayor, Councilman, Elect One Newcomer


By: Marisa Gottesman Associate Editor

The voters have spoken on who they want to see sit on the dais for the next three years.

More than 11,000 voters cast votes in the municipal March election and the majority selected to keep Susan Haynie as mayor, Scott Singer as the councilman for Seat A and Andrea O’Rourke to fill Seat B.

According to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections, Mayor Haynie received nearly 55 percent of the votes. Her sole opponent Al Zucaro received 45 percent of the 11,783 votes.

In the race for Seat A, Councilman Singer garnered nearly 71 percent of the votes cast. His sole challenger Patty Dervishi received 29 percent of the 11,412 votes cast.

“I’m very honored to be able to continue serving the residents,” Singer said. “I’m grateful that residents so strongly approved of my positive, issue-focused campaign and my service over the last three years.  It is heartening that someone can still receive 71% of the votes by speaking of a record and vision for the future, and without any negative campaigning.”

In the open Seat B, which was vacated by term-limited Councilman Mike Mullaugh, the three-way race when to Andrea O’Rourke. She received 48 percent of the vote challenger Andy Thomson brought in nearly 40 percent and Emily Gentile last with nearly 12 percent of the 11,607 votes.

Gentile sent out an email to her supporters thanking them and congratulating O’Rourke. Zucaro also sent out an email to his supporters. He congratulated O’Rourke, who ran on a similar platform as he did.

To Mayor Haynie he said, “It is my hope she will take to heart the voices of the residents who are concerned about the direction of our city.”

Haynie and O’Rourke could not be reached for comment on their victories.