Boca Real Estate Agency Launches Community Heroes Program


Staff report
Boca Raton real estate agency Stein Posner has launched its Community Heroes Program.
The program provides up to $2,000 in discounted services or credits at closing for home buyers that currently serve or have served the community upon closing the purchase of a new home.
It aims to give back to members of the community who the agency regards as local community heroes. Those who qualify include (active and retired) military members, police officers, firefighters, teachers and school administrators, nurses and medical support staff, emergency medical technicians, and government agency employees.
“We’ve worked with so many of these heroes over the years, and have found that many are on very tight budgets,” broker and co-owner of Stein Posner Real Estate Adam Stein said. “The valuable services they provide to our communities, hours worked and risks taken are often out of balance with their compensation. We recognize that and want to really make a difference and an impact for these heroes, like they do every day for us.”
The discounts and cash credits are provided through the agency and its partnerships with local mortgage, title, property inspection, and moving companies. Homebuyers who qualify can utilize these approved local businesses to receive discounts or credits from these service providers, including Stein Posner. Those discounts and credits are ultimately determined by the total price of the home, and can add up to $2,000 in financial benefit to the home buyer.
“We think it’s important to help these outstanding members of our community any way we can, so they too can achieve the dream of homeownership,” said Ron Posner, co-owner at Stein Posner Real Estate.
According to Stein, officially launching the program has been a long-time goal of the agency. He said the program is an extension of its core values, which focus on treating clients like family.
“The individuals who can utilize this program truly care about taking care of people and the overall well-being of our community,” Stein said. “And that’s what we’re all about.”
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