Boca Regional Offering Nitrous Oxide Therapy For Patients In Childbirth


Staff report

To help with pain management during labor, Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s Toppel Family Place is now offering nitrous oxide therapy.

The blend of 50 percent oxygen with 50 percent nitrous oxide can be used on its own; or in combination with other forms of pain control such as epidural anesthesia. Nitrous oxide works by decreasing the sensation of pain and interfering with a patient’s stress response to reduce anxiety, according to the hospital.

The nitrous oxide is self-administered and can be used during all stages of labor. A face mask or mouthpiece is held by the patient and she has the ability to control intake until a safe maximum level has been reached. Relief can be felt within a couple minutes. It can be stopped quickly, leaves the body within approximately five minutes and the patient can still choose another pain relief aid.

“Toppel Family Place continues to evolve its capabilities to better meet the needs of our patients,” said Karen Edlington, RN, BSc, Director of Toppel Family Place. “Childbirth should be one of a woman’s most cherished memories. We are continuously focused on making sure our new mothers are comfortable and have access to the latest innovations during labor.”

The use of nitrous oxide does not interfere with the mother’s labor progress or her ability to push. It can be used at any time during labor right up to the point of birth.

Patients with B12 deficiency, Crohn’s disease, musculoskeletal disease and other conditions would be excluded from using nitrous oxide.