Boca star releases new hit single

FAU professor and singer Rhea Francani releases a new single. Submitted photo.

Rhea Francani explains meaning behind new country song

By: Emily Christensen
Contributing Writer

Florida Atlantic University Teacher and Country Pop Singer, Rhea Francani, recently released her new upbeat country single called, “I’ll Go,” with the goal of bringing a little joy into the world.

“I’ll Go” was inspired by love and is about following someone you love to any place, at any time. Francani began writing the single after leaving someone special on a plane. The hook of the song was running through her mind on the plane, so when she landed she finished the catchy song in one night.

“For ‘I’ll Go’ I was just in a really feel good place and I could not wait to finish it,” she said.

Although this song was inspired by a committed and loving relationship, it can also be related to other people in various ways, like a friend moving away. Francani’s mission is for the single to personally connect with as many people as possible.

Another source of Francani’s inspiration is the students that she teaches. Francani’s love for teaching and music helped her build the performing arts program at H.D. Henderson University School. Francani truly lives the best of both worlds as she spends her time teaching kids music while also producing her own music.

“To this day, I always get emotional when I talk about my job because I am so grateful for it and for those kids who have changed my life,” Francani said.

Francani recorded “I’ll Go” along with three songs which will be available on a EP within the next six months. Francani chose to release “I’ll Go” first based on the votes of her students. She told them that the songs work together as a story, so as a group they decided that “I’ll Go” was the obvious beginning of the story.

“My students push me and challenge me, but they are also my fans,” said Francani.

Her single is available in over 1,000 digital stores worldwide, and the other songs will follow soon.