Boca Teen Creates Kid Friendly Lip Balm, Sunscreen With Help From Dad


Goof Balms have personalities of their own

By: Marisa Herman Associate Editor

Ace Schwartz refused to wear lip balm no matter how chapped his lips got during Chicago winters.

Now a freshman at Boca Raton High School, the teen said he remembers his mom sneaking into his room when he was sleeping to smother his lips with a gooey substance to help the chap disappear.

The topic of lip balm was always an argument in the Schwartz home.

That was until Ace discovered EOS brand lip balm. He said the egg shape reminded him of Yoshi, a character from the popular game Super Mario World.

“It was the turning point for me and lip balm,” he said. “I had four or five different flavors and colors.”

But when his dad Adam started mixing up what balm belonged to who, Ace said he drew faces on his.

That is when the father and son duo decided to team up as business partners. They looked at Ace’s faces and characters and decided they should actually make them. Ace was about 11 years old at the time.

He wanted to create a product that was an, “All natural mouth watering lip balms that contain NO Yuckies, Ickies, or Ewwies!” That is the tagline of their product, Goof Balms, which can be found at several local retailers like Wings and a local surf shop. They are in talks with bigger retail stores as well.

Goof Balms taste like Strawberry Smoothie.

To make Ace’s creations come to life, they reached out to Dave Savage, the artist behind the Cartoon Network show Uncle Grandpa. He agreed to create some characters for their new lip balm.

What started out with 200 different faces, eyes, mouths, heads was whittled down to nine characters. They have names like Smooch, Chomp, Blink, Jaws and of course Ace after his original design. There is also an emoji line of character balms.

Adam Schwartz said his son was very particular in picking out what eyes looked good with what mouth and how the characters came to life.

They stand on little feet, have hair and personality.

From there, they attended trade shows and looked for a manufacturer. They were able to land a deal with X Tech, which works on accounts like McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, Schwartz said.

From the initial idea until they launched about 10 months ago, the process took about three years.

They both agreed that waiting was the hardest part.

They also agreed that lip balms was not the end of their project. They also launched a sunscreen that is a similar shape to the lip balms. They also have characters, but they stand on flippers rather than feet and have a keychain ring to attach to a backpack or keys.

“They look like they are at the beach,” Ace said.

The lip balms retail for about $3.99 and the sun screens about $4.99.

Of course, Ace wants to continue operating his business. But when he isn’t making decisions about the lip balms or sun screen, he can be found playing soccer, at the beach or grabbing a bite to eat at a food truck. He is in the Cambridge program at Boca High and wants to study business.

“It was a fun project,” Adam Schwartz said. “I am proud of him.”

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