Boca’s Cross Country Home Services CEO talks about recent relocation, rebranding


Boca’s Cross Country Home Services CEO talks about recent relocation, rebranding 

1. Tell us about Cinch

Cinch Home Services Inc. (Cinch) is one of the nation’s leading home service providers with a 40-year track record of delivering best-in-class home service solutions for our customers and partners. We were formerly known as Cross Country Home Services, but recently revealed our new brand identity as Cinch in October. This new identity better captures our goals and the technological advancements we’ve made over the last few years. So far, the brand launch has been incredibly successful, and we’re excited to continue setting the standards for home services with this new image.

Part of our evolution has been our move to Boca Raton. We recently relocated our headquarters to the Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRiC) because of the area’s strong tech community and diverse talent pool. Our new office reflects our digitally forward objectives, with features that promote productivity, collaboration and open communication in a vibrant and dynamic workspace. 

Beyond our in-house associates, Cinch also has a network of thousands of expert technicians nationwide that help fulfill our customers’ home service needs. We’ve implemented a suite of digital resources to enhance the customer and partner experience. These smart, modern tools remove the guesswork around preventing, diagnosing and solving a wide variety of home-related issues. 

I’m happy to say, our hard work has really been paying off. Cinch has been recognized time and again for excellent customer service, and in the past two years alone has earned six Stevie Awards for excellence in sales and customer service. We’ve also been recognized in Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 awards and the South Florida Business Journal’s list of fastest growing companies for two years in a row.

2. Tell us about your background 

Currently, I serve as the CEO of Cinch, where I drive the company’s vision and top strategic priorities with a particular focus on engaging our associates and driving growth through innovation. In my past roles, I’ve been fortunate enough to do the things I love. Whether it’s been launching new products and services, forging new distribution channels or opening new markets overseas, these are the types of experiences I enjoy helping orchestrate both with and for associates. These experiences have been particularly valuable to me as they allow me to me take a step back and reflect upon the bigger picture. Since joining Cinch as CEO back in 2015, we’ve worked to extend those concepts by enhancing the customer experience and our capabilities with significant digital transformation. While this approach has been successful, with the company doubling in size in the past four years and enjoying industry leading growth rates, we’re still not done.  

On the personal side, I’m originally from Houston, and I earned my MBA from Texas A&M’s Mays Business School. One thing I’m particularly proud of is serving on the Orange Bowl Committee, a South Florida-based organization dedicated to growing tourism, supporting student-athletes and assisting children and families in the community. Some fun facts about me – one of my first jobs was in radio where I worked my way up from weather reports to sports broadcasts and eventually to hosting an early morning show. I’ve also been an avid runner for the past 35 years, participating both competitively and for leisure. 

3. What does the recent rebrand mean for CCHS

Our rebrand efforts started from the inside-out when we first set high standards for ourselves internally. The new brand identity was part of projecting our new goals to the outside world while diligently pursuing them.

At its heart, the rebrand was about associates loving their work, embracing and supporting one another, and living Cinch’s vision and values. This journey we’ve taken together to build a new identity sparked a level of passion we haven’t seen before and has connected our entire workforce. 

Externally, rebranding to Cinch has updated our identity to one that reflects our modern, tech-forward approach as well as our efforts to drive the sector forward by delivering the industry’s strongest and most diversified home service solutions. We’re bringing home management into the 21st century with a wide array of options when it comes both to offerings and price points – all presented in a way that keeps things simple and easy for customers. Cinch’s new capabilities build directly on our 40-year history, allowing us to provide unmatched flexibility, simplicity and value to our customers and partners.

The home services industry has seen a shift in recent years, and our customers and partners want simplicity and transparency, now more than ever. Having spent the time and resources to exceed those expectations, we decided it was time to update the organization to better align with what we have achieved thus far as well as our determination to provide next-level experiences and value.

4. What are the goals for the company in the next year, 5 years, etc. 

Our vision is a Cinch home services solution in every US household, and we’re passionate about simplifying homelife with tech-enabled services and dedicated people.

One of our goals is to build upon the strength of our associates and extending our employment brand, which we do by investing in our people. When it comes to our people, we know that investing in our associates will result in better service and experiences for our customers and partners. To that end, we have been investing in our offices across all locations to enhance comfort, convenience and collaboration. We have also been upgrading recognition, training and education programs to help our associates continue to excel and succeed.

We’re also focused on growing our community involvement. We participate in a number of initiatives throughout the year including the March of Dimes and various drives for communities in need. We recently conducted a fundraiser for the Bahamas following the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian, which included an uncapped corporate match. 

Finally, we of course are targeting accelerated growth. This is fueled in part by our immense investment in technology and our digital transformation. Over the past few years, we’ve developed a wide variety of new, tech-based tools that make it simpler for customers to manage their plans – whether that’s online, over the phone, or even using their Amazon Alexa with our Home Service Manager Amazon Alexa skill. We also understand that smart homes are not just a passing trend and have continued to innovate in that area as well. One way we’ve done that is by partnering with Buoy Labs to offer a nationwide, on-demand network of licensed plumbers to install the Buoy smart home device which attaches to a home water line and provides real-time and segmented water usage data.