Boca’s Neurocore Explores Brain


By: Marisa Gottesman Associate Editor
Ever wonder why you think the way you think when it comes to problem solving, shooting a basketball or reading?
At Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, the answers to some of those questions may be able to be answered. The company, which focuses on working with people with have ADHD, anxiety, depression, migraines, stress and other areas of behavioral and mental health, aims to strengthen the brain in areas where it may be underperforming.
It recently expanded to its first location outside of Michigan to Boca Raton. A Palm Beach Gardens location is scheduled to open this month.
The company specializes in the science of neurofeedback and brain mapping with the goal of helping people optimize their brain so they function at their best. The program doesn’t use medication and it helps treat ailments through the source, the brain. It does so all by the person watching a movie.
Kids, adults and celebrities like NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins have used Neurocore.
“It’s an innovative approach to a big problem that continues to grow,” CEO and Boca resident Mark Murrison said of the program and issues it addresses.
He said the company selected Boca as a location because the residents are receptive to new approaches in healthcare and are proactive in investing in their health.
He described the program as physical therapy or a gym for your brain. It uses the brain’s innate ability to learn to train it to perform at its best ability.
The program works with a person coming in for an evaluation. That consists of a test called a Q-EEG, which is like a heart EKG but for the brain.
The test measures the electrical pattern of the brain. It shows a mapping of the brain and highlights where parts of the brain may not be working as well as they could be, which in turn could cause a person to suffer from anxiety, depression or other ailments.
From there, the center creates a customized treatment plan. The treatment involves watching a movie for 45 minutes. During that period, you wear a breathing belt, which helps control your heart rate variability. While you are watching the movie of your choice, the movie will play or pause intermittently. It will pause if your brain is not acting in the way it should and play if it is acting how it should. Over time, the movie will play continuously as the brain innately wants the movie to play uninterrupted, Murrison said.
If you breathe too fast or slow, the movie will shrink to a small size on the screen. That cues the body to breathe more properly.
A typical course of action takes about three months to complete and totals 30 sessions that last about 45 minutes each. The goal is to have the movie play uninterrupted and when the brain is re-mapped, some of the problematic areas will have become reduced or eliminated.
Neurocore has mapped more than 10,000 people’s brains since its inception in 2004 and more than 5,000 individuals have completed the company’s neurofeedback training program. Across all of its centers, Neurocore does more than 30,000 neurofeedback sessions annually.
Murrison said two years after completing the program, people’s brains have remained successfully changed. He said a majority of people who finish the program leave with reduced or eliminated issues that they came in with.