Boca’s Trainerspace Dedicates Gym To Personal Training


By: Marisa Gottesman Associate Editor
Have you ever signed up for a personal trainer at a gym and then had to wait to use a machine? Or were assigned a personal trainer that just didn’t get what your fitness goals were?
Those factors, and others, are what the owners of Boca Raton’s newest gym, Trainerspace aimed to solve when creating their state-of-the-art gym.
Located in an industrial area off of Congress Avenue at 990 S. Rogers Circle, the gym is an upscale adult playground that combines equipment sourced from around the world and even custom pieces with the latest technology and different forms of fitness.
“It’s so different than anything you have ever seen,” said Trainerspace Director of Business Development Logan Skees.
You are greeted by an open reception area that has lounge like couches and a juice bar where you can order your pre and post workout drinks.
Once you step into the actual gym, everything is neatly lined and perfectly placed throughout the open floor plan. There is a ninja warrior-style obstacle course, machines you find in NFL locker rooms and equipment used in rehabilitation facilities.
An audio engineer created the sound system, which allows you get hyped up from music for your workout while being able to have a conversation with your trainer. An air filtration system pumps fresh oxygen and a carefully selected scent throughout the air and a cell phone charging station provides a service and keeps you focused on your session.
The atmosphere is dark, but welcoming and combines a sexy factor to the gym. The locker rooms add to the upscale vibe with the lighting and finishes. You may notice there are no televisions located in the gym. The team said that is on purpose because they don’t want any distractions.
And in case you have little ones, there is a daycare area for them to play while you get your work out in.
But don’t expect to sign up and just work out. The gym only allows you to work out with a trainer. If you don’t have one, you can use one of the trainers employed by Trainerspace. There are no membership fees, just the fee paid to the trainer. The gym is open daily from 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Treating the trainers well is what Trainerspace is all about, according owner operator Cary Reichbach.
“It’s Trainerspace, not client space,” he said. “If the trainer is in a positive environment that will pass on to the client.”
That’s why the facility has a lounge, full kitchen and sleep pods for trainers to nap in when they aren’t in a session.
In creating the concept Reichbach and co-owner Chris Brown and Skees, said they studied what they felt gyms were doing wrong. They combined that with their military background to create the space.
Their white-glove approach to service and cleanliness of equipment as well as their tactical operations center, their office, pays homage to their military experience.
They said they wanted to create a gym that had the best equipment available, trainers that understood their clients and turned working out into something fun.
“Fitness becomes like a chore,” Reichbach said. “It becomes like brushing your teeth. You know you have to do it.”
So, they looked at a population who doesn’t have to be told to run around and burn off calories, kids. Their jungle gym resembles what you would find on a kids playground. And they said adults gravitate right toward the monkey bars.
They also have special sound proof consultation rooms where clients can really open up to their trainers about their goals without having to worry about someone else hearing. The trainers use technology to track body measurements and goals, which is emailed right to you.
And in case you want to relax right your muscles right after a work out, there is a massage room waiting.
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