Bolay Brings Bold Flavored ‘Bols’ To Boca Raton


Staff report
You wouldn’t necessarily think one of the creator’s of Outback Steakhouses signature Bloomin’ Onion would be affiliated with the newest make-your-own healthy bowl chain, but the link exists.
Chris Gannon, son of Outback Steakhouse co-founder Tim Gannon, is expanding his build-your-own bowl concept “Bolay” rapidly across South Florida.
During a soft-opening of the Boca Raton location, Chris Gannon said the concept is based on something his father taught him, bold flavors.
At first glance, you may not think cilantro noodles go with balsamic mushrooms and Caribbean spiced steak. But no matter the creation, the “bols” all mesh without one component overpowering another.
There are suggested “bols” that combine a base, veggies, proteins, toppings and sauces so you don’t have to worry about selection. But, if you want to build your own, you walk down the line and select from different options. Depending on what size bol you select will determine how many of each item you may select.
The restaurant offers vegan dishes and gluten free options. To drink, there are cold-pressed juices and infused teas. For a sweet ending, try a gluten-free cookie that you won’t even know is gluten-free.
Bolay’s Boca location is at the Polo Club Shoppes, 5030 Championship Blvd.