Bringing Better Boulder To Delray Beach


Staff report
The Delray Newspaper along with several residents and business owners have teamed up to bring some of the people behind the Better Boulder movement to Delray Beach.
As you read this, the Better Boulder representatives’ stay will be taking place or has recently come to an end. We will recap their stay and the events in our next edition. First, we will set the scene for how the relationship between the folks behind Better Boulder and Delray began.
It all started when our publisher Ryan Boylston was vacationing with his family in Boulder, Co. a few summers ago. He said he always heard how innovative and attractive the city was, but experiencing it he really understood how cool of a place it is.
What stood out to him was an ordinance that ultimately keeps downtown Boulder smoke-free, how dog friendly the downtown is with designated places for furry friends and how the city mixes urbanism with nature.
He said his wife turned to him and said, “Why can’t you do this in Delray?”
Boylston said there is no way one person could be behind the job, which he said kind of is the case in Boulder. After researching the city, he said one person is behind their main downtown area, Pearl Street. He also stumbled across Better Boulder, the group behind a lot of Boulder’s success.
So, over the years, he said he followed the group. They would post articles, tips and links that he would pay attention to. One event in particular stood out to him, a YIMBY conference. YIMBY stands for yes, in my backyard, which combats NIMBYs, not in my backyard.
He said the YIMBY event made him think about the growth that is going on in Delray and the struggle many are having with what the future looks like. So, he sent an email to Better Boulder, which led to a phone conversation.
“They see Delray as this modern day mirror of what they went through,” he said.
So, several representatives of Better Boulder said they wanted to come to Delray and be like a sister city.
The representatives spent several days in Delray and spoke at Old School Square. We will recap their thoughts in our next edition.
John Tayer
President & CEO of the Boulder Chamber
John Tayer is proud to lead Boulder’s flagship business advocacy and support organization. The Boulder Chamber’s 1,300 members represent the diversity of innovative companies and entrepreneurial enterprises that characterize Boulder’s business community. The Boulder Chamber serves as a unified advocacy voice for this broad-based membership while also providing valuable networking, professional development and support services that help its members thrive. Further, through the work of the Boulder Economic Council and other business development initiatives, the Boulder Chamber plays a critical role in advancing the community’s general economic interests.
Prior to joining the Boulder Chamber, John served as Public Affairs and Communications Director for the pharmaceutical manufacturing company, Roche Colorado Corporation, and as Policy Development Director in the Boulder City Manager’s Office. John also spent six years as the elected representative for the Boulder area to the Regional Transportation District. A native of Brookline, Massachusetts, John earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and a law degree from the University of Colorado. In his 27th year as a Boulder resident, John now resides in South Boulder with his wife, Molly.
Will Toor
Energy/Environmental Policy Director for SWEEP & Boulder Mayor
Will Toor is director of the transportation program at the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP), a Colorado based nonprofit that advocates for energy efficiency in six southwestern states. In this role he works to advance both smart growth transportation strategies and electric vehicles.
Prior to working at SWEEP, Will spent 15 years in local government, as mayor of Boulder, Colorado, as Boulder County Commissioner, and as chair of the Denver Regional Council of Governments. He serves on the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission.
He is co-author of the books Finding A New Way: Campus Transportation for the Twenty-First Century, and Transportation for Sustainable Campus Communities.
He received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Chicago in 1992.
Ken Hotard
VP, Boulder Area Board of Realtors
Kenneth Hotard is a forty-three year resident of Boulder, Colorado. He has served as the Government Affairs Director and Senior Vice President for Public Affairs of the Boulder Area Realtor® Association since 1984. Regional Transportation District (RTD) Board of Directors from 1991 – 1994. RTD Board Chairman 1993 and 1994. Co-founder and board member of Boulder Tomorrow. Past Chairman and current Treasurer of 36 Commuting Solutions. Member of the Boulder Chamber’s Community Affairs Council for 15 years, now a third term Co-Chair. Named 2007 Business Person of the Year by the Boulder Chamber of Commerce and received the Chamber’s 2016 Community Leadership Award for co-founding and work with Better Boulder and leadership on the No on 300 and 301 Campaign in 2015.
Hotard is widely considered an expert in public policy development and the politics of the City of Boulder and Boulder County. He has over 30 years of experience representing business and real estate interests on matters affecting land use, housing, transportation, planning, development, tax policy and environmental issues. Hotard earned a Master of Public Administration degree in management systems (1980) from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science (1976).