Bringing Boca together one broadcast at a time


By: Brett Pizzi Contributing writer
Boca Raton is entering the digital market with the creation of a new online broadcasting network.
Dedicated to all things Boca, WeBocaTV looks to bring the best Boca has to offer right to your fingertips starting in January.
The paid monthly service will feature original and unique content to the Boca area, from local news to events to shopping and much more. Running 24 hours a day, the channel will be able to be reached through any device that has a stable internet connection, whether that be a smart TV, a computer, or a smart phone device.
Founders Jordan Aloof and Danielle Silverman have their fair share of experience in the new digital age market. Having created BYL Network, an online streaming format where individuals are encouraged to “Broadcast Your Life,”Aloof and Silverman are no amateurs to the online market.
Aloof said he believes the future of television and broadcasting media is all online. “With more than 1,000,000 videos a day being uploaded, this revolutionary broadcast management system was built to offer business owners, content creators, and consumers a unique way to connect and communicate in one streamlined fashion, all in one place,” he said in a statement.
The initial goal of the new startup is to gather content. Running a broadcast 24 hours, broken down into 30 minute segments is going to mean a lot of production between now and the channels official release in January, Silverman said.
She said a pilot has already begun being filmed in Boca, delving into the dating life in Boca. “There are so many single people in Boca” Silverman said. “Why is everyone single? There seems to be a loveless life going on in Boca.”
Silverman said she has high hopes for her new network. With over 20 years of experience in broadcasting, she said she has noticed the huge change in the way media and especially TV is being consumed and wants to jump head first into the new age.
“Five to six years ago I saw this huge shift where the digital team was getting so many more views and hits. I realized the online broadcasting world is the future of media,” she said.
All material for WeBocaTV will be shot in Boca and will revolve around both East and West Boca. She said the We in WeBocaTVstands for West and East Boca and bringing them together.
With a $5 a month subscription fee, Silverman and Aloof look to have a streaming format in the same vain as Netflix. No Ads, no waiting, just a streamlined process that users can sign up for. As an incentive, each subscriber will be entered into a contest for a variety of prizes, such as a weekend getaway, and being given over $100 in coupons.
“You don’t realize how much is here until you start doing it” Silverman said. “You have to go get it.”