Camino Bridge Finally Reopens After Renovations


By: Diane Emeott Korzen Contributing Writer

Bob and Olga Lien, who live on the beach side, are among the many Boca Raton residents celebrating the long-awaited grand reopening of the Camino Bridge.

“I was really getting to feel claustrophobic” while the Camino Bridge was out. “I had to go [down] to Deerfield [Hillsboro Boulevard Bridge] or [up] to Boca [Palmetto Park Bridge] just to get across. I had to go to a different Publix!” said Olga.

The ribbon cutting was held on Aug. 6 on the west side of the bridge and was attended by county and city officials.

In his opening remarks, County Commissioner Weinroth said, “Many of you here today thought we would never get to this point. We moved the bridge tender’s building from the right side (south) to the left side (north). We ran a little bit longer than scheduled, 16 months. It was supposed to take 12 months. For those of you who keep track of this kind of thing, it was an $11 million project. FDOT has given us the two thumbs up!

“The bridge was built in 1939. It’s a historic bridge. It takes a little longer to restore than a newer building,” added Weinroth.

Delays were caused by steel corrosion; the need to replace rivets with bolts; material delays such as windows arriving; and design of the roof not to today’s standards, thus requiring a solution, according to Palm Beach County Road & Bridge Superintendent Barry Meve.