Campers Spend Day In City’s Building Department


Staff report

Campers visited the city’s Development Services Administration building last month to learn about building safety and the permit process.

Forty children participated in the event where they visited different stations including building administration, structural plan review, plumbing plan review, electrical plan review, mechanical plan review, fire plan review and a hurricane preparedness and awareness station.

To liven things up, city staff got creative with their displays that included ping pong balls shooting out of toilets and explaining solar lighting.

They learned that the department processed more than 8,000 permits last year, issues 70-80 building permits a day and conducts more than 270 inspections per day, the city employees 36 permitting and licensing technicians and 23 inspectors including the Chief Building Official.

“We wanted to bring the excitement and fun of what we do as a building department to the youth of our community,” explained Michael DiNorscio, Assistant Building Official. “If we are able to build a foundation of knowledge for them at a young age, hopefully, at least one child could possibly gain interest in becoming a safety professional and help build a safer tomorrow for our communities in the future.”