Celebrity hoax


The old saying goes, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That’s the case in the rumors that Ben Affleck is moving to Delray Beach and Miley Cyrus is planning a move to my hometown of Margate.

I received several messages from my friends telling me to tell my mom to rent out my room to Cyrus if she needed a place to stay.

Social media blew up with posts about people excited for Affleck to make the “Village by the Sea” his home. Even some Delray officials fell for the post and sent emails stating that his move was “good news” for the city.

What readers failed to notice was that the “news sites” The Lopez Report and KNP 7 News state in their about sections that they articles published are satire or pure fantasy.

The Affleck and Cyrus articles were nearly identical with “quotes” from the celebrities saying they are “tired of the L.A. lifestyle and fake people.”

The articles are a good reminder to readers to always check your news source and not believe everything posted online.

While many folks were tricked by these posts, Delray is not a stranger to celebrities. Actress Helen Mirren dined at Caffe Luna Rosa for Easter Brunch and television star Bill O’Reilly visited the city recently.

Actor Kevin James did list his Delray home on the market leaving the $28 million price tag open for a celebrity who is ready to make the move to the city.