Champions Empowering Champions helps FAU kids who aged out of foster care


By: Shaina Wizov Contributing Writer

With research reports indicating that less than 50 percent of children who experience foster care graduate from high school, and only 8 percent graduate from college, a new group has a mission to help boost those numbers.

Champions Empowering Champions was formed in Nov. 2018 to help kids who have aged out of the state-supported system.

Its mission? To provide assistance to FAU students who have experienced foster care or homelessness through a person-to-person support network, workshops to address deficiencies in academic, professional and life skills, opportunities to engage in community service projects that support foster children, and economic support for unfunded academic and independent living essentials.

The organization is led by Dr. Kimberly Dunn of FAU’s School of Accounting, and is made up of four kinds of “Champions.” Student Champions are those who have experienced foster care or homelessness firsthand and know the amount of courage and resilience that it requires. Volunteer Champions are those who donate their time to assist the students through mentoring. Business Champions are those who provide internships and job opportunities for graduating students. Lastly, there are the Donor Champions, those who monetarily support the program.

Champions Empower Champions has been selected for inclusion in FAU Tech Runway’s 2019 entrepreneurial class. This means that the organization receives $15,000 and a year’s worth of hands-on assistance through this public-private partnership that helps to accelerate the development of start-up enterprises.

The official kickoff of Champions Empowering Champions was on Sept. 25th at the Inaugural Squad Night. The event brought together the first “squad” of participating FAU students who got to know one another and the volunteers through a series of team-building activities.

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