Check out an escape room


By: Marisa Gottesman Associate Editor
Imagine you are a journalist. You are in Area 51 and you just got word that the area is about to be destroyed. You have one hour to disarm the self-destruction module and escape.
That’s the challenge put in front of you and your team at The Delray Escape.
One hour is put on the clock and you must use each other and the room to figure out how to get out. The Delray Escape is what is known as an escape room. Don’t think chainsaws in a haunted house on Halloween, think team building and working together.
“It’s designed to be thought provoking and promote team work and cooperation,” said one of the founder’s Eitan Fishbein. “You’re running against the clock and you have to use all of your senses.”
Fishbein assures escape room participants that the challenge isn’t scary. Nothing will pop out and spook participants and you aren’t actually locked in the room.
We checked it out ourselves. Nothing pops out and nothing is scary, unless you’re afraid of aliens. You must work together and touch everything in front of you. Everything and anything can help you with your escape.
You receive a walkie-talkie that allows you to communicate with a staff member who is watching you work on the challenge. You are permitted to request three clues, if you ask for any more it counts against your time by five minutes per hint.
As you move through the sets of rooms toward escape, a voice comes over a loud speaker reminding you how much time you have to get out. The adrenaline and stress sets in as time ticks down.
We got out in 40 minutes and 20 seconds, but we had a few helpful hints along the way.
Escape rooms are a rising trend across the country. They are popular for a family outing, something to do with friends or to build relationships with co-workers. Up to 10 people can participate in this escape room challenge.
They typically have different themes and puzzles, hints and clues.
Fishbein said the idea to open the location at 900 Linton Blvd. came after one of the founders missions, to get people off of their cell phones and get them to interact with other people.
Fishbein said he tried an escape room and knew he wanted to bring it to Delray.
“It’s something to get people off their phone,” Fishbein said. “You can’t use your phone when you’re in there. You are actually participating in the activity. It requires teamwork and skills.”
He said some people have completed the challenge in as few as 25 minutes while others have failed the 60 minute time limit.
To sign up, you can make a reservation online. The Escape Room is run by appointment only, so you can’t walk in and expect to play.
It is open to people of all ages. Participants less than 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
For more information, visit