Child Rescue Coalition Receives Donation


Staff report

A $100,000 donation from the Mohn family of Steamboat Springs to Boca Raton-based Child Rescue Coalition will help safeguard 55,000 children from sexual exploitation and prevent abuse.

CRC provides a comprehensive view of where child predators around the world are downloading and sharing explicit content online. CRC’s Child Protection System (CPS) technology gives law enforcement a free, powerful tool to target and apprehend predators who are most likely to sexually abuse children.

“Child Rescue Coalition is a group of real-life superheroes,” said the Mohn family. “They fight crime across the globe. Truly evil crime. The bad guys they put away are the worst of the worst, sexual predators who prey on children.  But catching child predators after they’ve committed their abhorrent acts isn’t enough. Child Rescue Coalition develops technology that is proven to stop child abuse BEFORE it happens.  And that’s what superheroes do. They keep the world safe. They keep the world’s children safe.”

The Mohn family first learned about CRC after watching a video about the organization from actress and supporter, Blake Lively, and said, “We can think of no more worthy organization with which to launch our family’s philanthropic endeavor than Child Rescue Coalition.”

The Mohn’s gift will allow CRC to bring together the most advanced technologists to re-infiltrate an area of the Internet where predominately Spanish-speaking pedophiles connect to trade pre-pubescent child sexual abuse videos and photographs.

“Because of the Mohns, we will be able to reveal the identities of 55,000 more predators worldwide each year. The return on investment will be priceless: As a result of this gift, we anticipate 550 pedophiles will be arrested and 147 children will be directly rescued and placed out of harm’s way,” said Carly Asher Yoost, Founder and CEO of CRC.