City Receives $22,352 Highway Safety Grant

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has awarded their Highway Safety Program Grant in the amount of $22,352 to the Delray Beach’s Police Department. The grant award will be used to support the City’s DUI Enforcement Program and continue the Police Department’s driver and road safety activities. Delray Beach was originally awarded this grant in 2009 for a period of three years (this is the final year in which the city will receive funding). The award will partially fund one existing police officer position for DUI related activities, thus providing a savings to the city’s General Fund. Delray Beach will contribute $58,521 as the required match. For additional informa- tion regarding this grant award and/or for more information on the City’s DUI Enforcement activities, contact Sergeant Nicole Guerriero at (561) 243-7841 or email