Clutter is affecting your mood


By: Cheryl Adelman Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers
If clutter is negatively affecting your mood and self esteem, you’re not alone.
Clutter is more about emotions than stuff. Feng Shui expert Tisha Morris reveals, “Clutter is stagnant energy and may be subtly affecting your own energy!”
According to one study,* women get stressed, even depressed, seeing clutter in their home, while men don’t. This can cause relational tensions. The book, “Life at Home in the 21st Century” reveals details from the study.
The Journal Of Neuroscience published results of a study from Princeton concluding, “clutter negatively affects our ability to focus and process information.”
Why we have so much stuff
Mikael Cho, of ooomf, explains, we accumulate each item because we think we need it, it has sentimental value, we’ve spent good money so we keep it, or we plan to read it or use it…someday. Often, we don’t even use many of the things we have, partly because we can’t find the stuff!
Difficulty letting go
It may be emotional to give away or throw away some of your things! But, this valuable process can be fun and easy, once you get in the rhythm. For most of us, taking action
is do-able and life enhancing.
For some people it is painful.
Kelly McGonigal Ph.D (TEDtalk, and, author, The Science of Willpower), sites results from a study at Yale School of Medicine, which likened brain activity in hoarders, during the process of deciding about throwing something away, with “smokers or drug addicts trying to quit.” The same areas of the brain show heightened activity. They feel conflict, anxiety, discomfort and psychological pain.
It’s impossible to organize before you purge.
Marie Kondo, tidying guru, reminds us we cannot get organized and create sustainable systems until we first purge.
I feel that…
“Things” are meant to support our physical, aesthetic, and emotional needs. However, we can lose sight of what it’s all for. De-clutter, while keeping what you love, then get organized!  There is overwhelming evidence that you’ll be more energized, confident, liberated, happy and creative.
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