Community Invited to Make Snowflakes To Show Support for Sandy Hook at Delray Beach’s First Night


The City of Delray Beach is encouraging the community to create paper snowflakes to send to Sandy Hook Elementary School students in the wake of the tragedy at their school. The Snowflakes made at the City’s First Night Celebration on December 31st will be used to decorate the new school that Sandy Hook students return to in January. “We felt that this is a great opportunity for our community to support the students and families directly impacted by the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary,” said Sarah Martin, Director of Delray Beach Marketing Co-operative the organization charged with producing the event on behalf of the City of Delray Beach.  “The National PTA, working in conjunction with the Newton PTA, has asked that families who wish to be of assistance participate in the snowflake project,” Martin added. All attendees of First Night will have the opportunity to create a snowflake that will be mailed to the new school Sandy Hook Elementary students will be attending in January. You can participate in the event between 4 pm to 9:30 pm in the 500 block of Atlantic Ave. as part of the First Night Festivities.   For more information on this event as well as all of Delray Beach’s holiday festivities, visit, or