Crocker Partners Files Another Suit Against City Of Boca Raton


Staff report

Crocker Partners has taken more legal action against the city of Boca Raton. This time the developers are alleging the city has delayed its proposed Midtown project from moving ahead.

Boca Raton-based developer Crocker Partners wants to revamp the area that is located off Military Trail near the Town Center Mall and transform it into a district with places to live, shops and restaurants.

Now, the developers are seeking a declaratory judgment, asking the Palm Beach County Circuit Court to determine whether the city acted against its own rules and stalled the project.

Crocker Partners already filed a Burt Harris suit, which is still active, and seeks $137 million in damages for lost property value. The city has 150 days to respond before the suit is officially filed.

This second suit asks the court to move ahead with the project without damages.

“The City has arbitrarily, unreasonably and detrimentally treated the property owners of Midtown, including Plaintiffs, differently thank other property owners similarly situated, including, without limitation, those in the Northwest Planning District 2,” the second lawsuit states.

The complaint alleges that the city has “imposed a building moratorium on Midtown” because the council voted to have a “small area plan” for the property. The lawsuit states that process is expected to take at least a year.

The project has been scaled down. Simon Partners, which owns the mall,  has opted out of participating.  Glades Plaza is looking at commercial-only redevelopment, so Midtown is focused now on just 74 acres — about a quarter of the acreage.

Crocker’s properties total 64 acres, which include Boca Center, The Plaza and One Town Center and 10 acres with Cypress Realty that includes Nippers and Strikes.