Cruise through downtown Boca Raton on Bike Cruz


By: Marisa Gottesman Associate Editor
It’s a bicycle built for 12 and it can be found on the streets of downtown Boca Raton.
Bike Cruz combines a little exercise with friendship and local restaurants and bars for a night out on the town.
Co-founder Brandon Appel started offering the tours in October of last year. The bicycle takes riders through Royal Palm Plaza and Mizner Park stopping at various bars where riders are offered discounted rates.
The bike tours last about three hours and stop at four to six places. Appel said the longest amount of time riders will pedal is about 15 minutes and the shortest pedal lasts about four minutes.
Bike Cruz offers private tours for groups and public tours where you will meet other people interested in checking out downtown Boca.
A new promotion for a public tour costs $40 per person and includes the tour and two drinks at two different locations on the tour.
His tours are expanding, too. There is already a brewery tour offered in Boynton Beach and he plans to expand the Boca tours to include a wine tour and a Sunday brunch tour.
Each tour includes two staff people, a driver and a host. Appel said it is like having a pilot on an airplane and a flight attendant, who makes sure everyone is having a good time.
For those not big on the drinking scene, the bicycles can be used for corporate retreats, team building and kids birthday parties where the stops include pizza places and ice cream parlors.
Appel said he didn’t want the bicycle to be known as a bar hop bike because it can be used for plenty of things not related to alcohol.
He said it was been used for wedding photo shoots and rented out by real estate agents as a creative way to showcase homes for sale in private neighborhoods.
The bicycle features a bamboo bar top and a 42 inch television, which can feature photos, advertisements and announcements like a “Just Married” sign.
He said he got the idea for the business when he was in college and he saw the bicycles while studying abroad in certain European cities.
He said he never thought they would be allowed in the United States so he let the idea fade while he started working for Florida International University.
When he started seeing the bicycles present in the United States, he said he revisited the idea.
Knowing he always wanted to start a business, he said he got to work researching.
“I don’t have a kid, but I have a business and I feel like are similar,” he said. “They say there is never a right time to have a kid and I feel it’s the same for a business. There’s never a right time. You just do your homework, take a shot and do it.”
He said his favorite part about the business is watching people on public tours, which are offered Thursday through Sunday, make friends with each other.
“I love when I see at the end of a tour people becoming friends,” he said. “Perfect strangers get together and become friends. It’s nice to see.”