CSL Plasma Introduces Golf Legend to Children with Hemophilia


Staff report
On Saturday at the Boca Raton Championship, the PGA Champions Tour event, the player’s only putting green was filled with eight children with hemophilia getting a putting lesson from a golfing legend. 

CSL Plasma not only sponsored this year’s putting green but they got famed golf Miguel Angel Jimenez to give the kids a putting lesson. 
Years ago, kids suffering with hemophilia simply couldn’t take the risk of playing sports. Now with plasma therapies, kids are able play non-contact sports like golf. CSL Plasma, headquartered in Boca Raton, is one of the world’s largest collectors of human plasma. It’s this plasma that helps people with hemophilia and blood disorders able to live normal and healthy lives. 
When asked if he would work with the kids on their putting, Miguel didn’t hesitate. He worked with the kids on their putting stroke, giving them great encouragement. 

Jimenez is nicknamed “The World’s Most Interesting Golfer in the World” and has won over 20 times around the world and been on two victorious Ryder Cup teams.
The kids were overjoyed with excitement as Jimenez taught them some of the golf basics.
“Going to the Boca Championship was great, thanks to CSL Plasma and Florida Hemophilia Association! I loved meeting Miguel Angel Jimenez, it was fun!” said young golfer Derek, age 12. 
Hemophilia is a rare bleeding disorder in which the ability of the blood to clot is severely reduced, causing the sufferer to bleed severely from even a slight injury. Hemophiliacs lack the sufficient blood-clotting proteins needed to form blood clots.
“We thought the Boca Raton Championship was a great opportunity for these kids to learn and discover golf, which can be a life long sport for them. We also want to thank Miguel Angel Jimenez for spending time with the kids, he is a true class act,” said Robert Mitchell, Director of Marketing and Communications for CSL Plasma. 
The Florida Hemophilia Association is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the bleeding disorders community by creating programs, like the putting clinic, and services that provide education and emotional support.  CSL Plasma and the Florida Hemophilia Association have a long-time partnership.  
“I want to thank CSL Plasma for continuing to be a great partner to our organization.  Our kids really enjoyed getting to meet Miguel as he has such a caring heart.  Having hemophilia can prohibit them from participating in contact sports, but golf offers a wonderful opportunity to get out and enjoy themselves,” said Debbi Adamkin, Executive Director of the Florida Hemophilia Association.