Declutter heart of your home, your kitchen


By: Cheryl Adelman Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers
The kitchen is where we get creative with food, family and friends. We gather to break bread, and share ideas, dreams, stories and plans. The busy room holds memories of laughter, tears, and great conversations, and silently waits for more.
Making changes to your kitchen to run more smoothly and be more beautiful and comfortable will bring you positive outcomes in all aspects of life.
Together, let’s explore how you may elevate your daily experience in the heart of your home.
1. Look around your kitchen through a new lens. You may see things that have been a certain way, for so long, that you haven’t realized you no longer use them. Evaluate everything that takes up floor space and counter space. Take notes.
I did this with a client recently. He was able to let go of a TV, TV stand, TV box, cables & cords, that dominated one corner in his small dining area. This change created significantly more space, plus, he kicked the lunchtime TV habit. He moved the 3 tier TV stand into his home office where it is useful, adding value.  He snuggled a beautiful, tall amethyst into the old TV corner, adding beauty and a surprising sense of well being. Next, we moved the coffee maker, with all the attending paraphernalia, from the counter, having realized he prepares coffee only for guests. And, he added thin, comfy pillows to the kitchen chairs.
2. Food: Everything gets a review from fridge and freezer to pantry and cabinets.
Be honest with yourself and discard or donate what your family doesn’t use (donations: ) Clean those areas. Then, put your remaining food away, by category.
3. Plates, cups, bowls, glasses. Discard or repurpose what you don’t use, especially anything chipped or cracked.  ( repurpose: Items you use daily, put away to be most easily accessible. Stash the better china in those harder to get to cabinets, or display them artistically.
4. Gather all items used for storing food into one drawer: plastic wrap, foil, plastic bags. Stack plastic containers with their matching lids, also stacked,together in their own drawer.
5. Conveniently store cooking tools close to the stove; cutting board, knives, cooking utensils, measuring bowls, pots and pans.
6. Hang aprons and oven mitts on attractive hooks, to be convenient, but not too close, to the oven. Keep your beloved cook books away from the steam, humidity and heat of the fridge and stove by storing on a shelf above the apron hooks. If you’re inclined, install a cookbook holder below one of your cabinets.  (
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