Delivery Dudes Continue to Expand Their Business


By Rigel Herman The Pineapple Staff Writer The idea came to Jayson Koss in ’09 when he and a bunch of friends were hungry. It occurred to Koss that it would be nice if there were a delivery service that delivered, well, everything. This simple idea evolved into a well devised and professionally run service that began in Delray Beach and quickly added a Boca Raton location. Now, five years later, Delivery Dudes has 15 locations including Nashville, Tennessee and Portland, Oregon as well as all over Florida, and over 100 employees or, “Dudes.” Basically, Delivery Dudes has stayed true to Koss’ vision, to deliver almost everything. While pizza and Chinese are standard delivery fare, for a $5 fee, Delivery Dudes picks up your meal from a large selection of local restaurants that don’t deliver and brings it right to your door. No need to search for parking on Atlantic Ave. on a Saturday night to grab take-out from Sazio, or try to park in Mizner on a weekend to grab Lemongrass, just call The Dudes. They are middlemen extraordinaire and they enjoy and have fun with every minute of it. “We’re fortunate to have started in Delray,” says Simon Rashkin, General Manager of Delray Delivery Dudes. “The layout of the town lends itself to what we’re trying to do and the reception from the people and the city have been amazing,” he continues. Koss explains the benefit of starting his small business in Delray by saying, “Delray is just small enough and just big enough. It’s the smallest big city around and we have been able to get to know everyone because of that.” Opening shortly after Delray, Boca Delivery Dudes has been a great success as well. “Boca has been great for us,” Rashkin says, “We’ve had great luck with Mizner restaurants like Max’s Grille and generally have high ticket averages from our Boca customers.” In fact, Boca’s ticket averages are the highest in the company, confirms Koss and Ryan Torchin, part owner of Boca Delivery Dudes. East Boca is exploding, according to the guys, and they are quickly trying to open West Boca to keep up with the fierce demand. “We are crazy busy lately,” says Torchin. “Although we deliver 4 to 1 dinner to lunch, office buildings are finding out about us now, too.” “The secret to our success in Boca is that we are able to put on an extra driver even if we don’t necessarily need it. It relieves the pressure and orders don’t take over an hour that way,” says Torchin. The thing about The Dudes aside from their goal to “Bring the Good” to your door, is that Koss’ business model is rooted in his desire to cultivate a lifestyle and a culture, not to grow a giant corporate franchise. “We’re all young, cool, high energy dudes. We want people to want us to deliver not 1 time but 100 and we plant that seed with the cool name and our lifestyle and get people excited to order from us,” Torchin says. Koss explains further, “Dudes don’t have to have long hair and surf. Dudes are good people, Dudes have good hearts.” The business ideal developed by Koss is unintentionally strategic. The benefits of promoting a culture and a way of life for his employees are “limitless,” he says. “We have good people in the office and that creates an environment where people love to be here, they want to hang out, they want to do their job well and have pride in it. They’re proud to be Delivery Dudes and that makes a huge difference,” Koss says. Part of Koss’ business culture is that Delivery Dudes is always hiring, not only to keep up with the 20-30% growth per month that they’re achieving, but also to keep up with the lifestyle that they’re creating and promoting. “The goal of Delivery Dudes isn’t financial,” says Koss. “It’s to provide a service that customers love and to provide employment opportunities to young people to improve the idea that work sucks.” Koss explains further that The Dudes are able to have freedom, fun and make money delivering for his company. And a “Dude” doesn’t have to be a guy, there are girl “Dudes” as well. “We hire good people,” Koss reiterates. “They are able to find this right thing for themselves to do professionally and we all benefit, including the communities. It’s a beautiful thing.” For more information on Delivery Dudes and to see where they deliver in your area, visit