Delray Beach Broker Pascal Liguori Talks Luxury Real Estate


Staff report
Delray Beach broker Pascal Ligouri grew up around real estate. Now, he is continuing his family’s career path with help from his son.
With a niche market of selling coastal homes worth more than $1 million, Liguori said he is proud of having a family that has been involved in real estate for three generations.
“I was born into the real estate business,” he said.
His father was a broker in Pittsburgh after the Korean War ended in the 1950s. Liguori said he went to work for his father after he completed college.
Eventually, his brothers decided they wanted to move to Florida and sell multi-million homes. They focused on Highland Beach, Boca Raton and Hillsboro Beach. Liguori said he was responsible for the “new territory” of Delray Beach north to Manalapan.
Currently, Premier Estate Properties has a listing for $195 million in Manalapan. Last year, Liguori closed a listing for $34 million. In 2016, he sold $224 million worth of real estate.
This year, he said he hopes to come close to where he finished in 2016.
“We are blessed to be in a good market,” he said.
From 2002 until the end of 2016, he said he has sold 307 properties that totaled more than $1.2 billion.
“Closing a sale is the most rewarding thing,” he said. “The buyers are excited to move in and the sellers are happy to get a good price. When everyone walk away getting what they bargained for, it’s satisfying.”
He equated closing a sale to a report card. If you do a good job, you close and get a good grade, he said.
“You never want to let anybody down,” he said. “We are always keeping our clients’ goals and objectives foremost in our minds.”
Keeping the basics of doing what is best for the buyer and the seller is what has led Liguori to be ranked as one of the nation’s top 125 real estate professionals, according to the Wall Street Journal.
He said being in the real estate industry means being able to change gears quickly.
“No two days are the same,” he said. “It’s the most fluid job you could probably have. You have to be very flexible.”
For the last two years, he has shared his experiences with his son who joined the business.
“My family has been in the industry for three generations,” he said. “There’s that family pride. We have a great team and a good organization.”