Delray Medical Center offers proton therapy


Staff report
Delray Medical Center will be one of few hospitals to offer proton therapy, a form of radiation therapy.
The hospital and Proton International agreed to build a one-room proton therapy treatment center. The Delray Medical Center Proton Therapy Treatment Center, estimated to cost approximately $53 million, is scheduled to open in 2018.
Proton therapy is a highly precise and effective treatment for many cancer tumors with fewer side effects, according to the hospital.
The treatment targets the tumor site and leaves surrounding healthy tissue and organs unaffected. It is effective in treating solid cancer tumors including tumors of the brain, spine, head and neck, lung, prostate, colon and some breast tumors.  Due to its precision and lack of long term side effects, proton therapy is widely used to treat children.
“We are looking forward to offering this innovative treatment option at Delray Medical Center,” said Mark Bryan, CEO of Delray Medical Center in a statement. “It is always our goal to incorporate new technologies and techniques that will make treatment safer and less invasive for our